Union Democrat staff

What does school unification mean?

To the Editor:

In a letter published Feb. 11, Dennis Spisak offers plenty of one-liners why he thinks unification might not be a good idea, but doesn't do anything to support those accusations or help us to understand why they are valid issues. For example, he says that it would mean that all teachers' salaries would need to be raised to match those of the highest paid teachers in the unified District. What, exactly, is so wrong with that concept?

I apparently have a different vision of what unification would look like than does Mr. Spisak. I grew up with school districts that had multiple elementary schools and high schools and things seemed to work quite well with one District Superintendent overseeing a principal at each school. Enlighten us, Mr. Spisak. What are the real issues here and why are you really so concerned about those you mentioned?

Mr. Spisak suggests that unification may not save money or that it may take several years for any savings to be realized. In my mind, saving money is not what we should be striving to achieve with unification. I would hope that it would result in redistributing the money we spend on our children's education so that it is used more efficiently, with more of it going to classroom needs, lower student-to-teacher ratios, and teacher compensation than is the case now. It is unfortunate that those seeking petition signatures chose to say it would save money. I agree that it might take years to realize the benefits, but how many years has it taken to get where we are, and how much longer will it take to realize any change if we delay now? We need to start sometime soon. If we continue to do what we always have done…

Andy Aldrich


Connecting the dots on marijuana

To the Editor:

• Government income is increased by legalizing pot.

• Legal pot increased available highs first step.

• Higher highs are available by drugs.

• Druggies are unemployable.

• Unemployment leads to crime.

• Criminals require jails.

• Jails require more government income.

Connect the dots. Duh!

Oliver Maxwell