Union Democrat staff

Affordable Care Act is not going away

To the Editor:

The Affordable Care Act is law just as Medicare and Social Security are law; yet the Republicans and Tea Party keep attacking ACA like they can do something about it.

Actually, the Tea Party Republicans have nothing better to run on in the 2014 midterm elections so they are "running against" the ACA (Obamacare) with a campaign of lies and deception.

The Tea Party Republicans have become a bankrupt political entity beating a dead horse. They will try to seduce unwary voters with a pack of lies about Obamacare in efforts to fire up enthusiasm. This, like all their other endeavors over the past five years, aimed at obstructing President Obama, is doomed to failure.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

Equality is the enemy of privilege

To the Editor:

Equality is our ability to speak with equal weight to those who govern us. Our Declaration of Independence redefines man's relationship to power and privilege. It rejects "the divine right of kings" and its system of privileged nobles for a simple idea: "all men are created equal."

The Tea Party accuses Democrats of defining equality as the absolute equal distribution of wealth. They defend the right of one to accumulate absurd wealth and protect it from redistribution for the common good. This is done on moral grounds: the rich are characterized as harder workers than their less wealthy brethren. Regardless, to argue equality purely in monetary terms misses the point.

The accumulation of wealth itself is not a problem. The problem occurs when the wealthy assume they should govern rather than be governed, that wealth bestows upon them special rights and privileges as members of a self-anointed American Nobility. But Democracy depends on majority rule. In the current political climate, wealth can overwhelm the majority and in turn Democracy.

The wealthy can select like-thinking candidates for Congress and fully fund their campaigns. Once elected these congressmen serve the agenda of their contributors delivering the advantages of tax avoidance, subsidies or monopolies. They can deregulate laws, giving them license to steal with protection from prosecution. If the majority fights back these surrogates of the wealthy make government unworkable until they can get their way.

When Congressman McClintock says, "global warming is a fraud" it is money speaking unopposed by reason. He has no basis in science to say such a thing, yet in concert with the like-thinking Tea Party, action on climate change is impossible. The science has no audience when our Democracy has been distorted, leaving our posterity exposed to a grim future - mindless privilege overpowering equality.

Robert Carabas