Union Democrat staff

Income inequality: Golden rule applies

To the Editor:

As a Christian, I find it disheartening to see the huge income gap between the rich and the poor. This income inequality shows a lack of compassion for the well-being of our neighbors in need. My loving parents taught me the golden rule: love your neighbors as yourself.

To help narrow the huge income gap between the rich and the poor, I believe we need to raise the minimum wage so our neighbors can have more income to be able to afford to pay their rent, buy food with cash instead of food stamps, shop at local mom and pop stores on Main Street, and eat at local restaurants. The extra money they earn would go back into the local economy which would increase demand for services that could spur businesses hire more workers to satisfy and maintain customer satisfaction.

Jesus spent his ministry preaching and healing the poor. As Christians, we need to follow in his footsteps by loving our neighbor, empathizing with their plight and giving them the income they deserve to be active members of our community.

Steve Christensen

Sutter Creek

Praying for tenants facing eviction

To the Editor:

Feb. 12 is the day that 45 families have to vacate an apartment complex in Jamestown. As a volunteer at the local food pantry, we were asked to pray for divine intervention for 45 residents of a Jamestown apartment complex who are being evicted on Feb. 12. The above comes is owned by S. Hatler. My concern is where are these 45 families going to find shelter?

With an already overwhelming increasing problem of homelessness and needy in our community!

Don Sullivant

Mi-Wuk Village

We must renew our social compact

To the Editor:

We are a people who have lost our way. Without the understanding of our founding, we find it impossible to come to agreement.

The Declaration of Independence is our nation's charter, expressing the principles upon which, and purposes for which our nation is established. God-made law is given special prominence in the Declaration (the charter of our nation). The Declaration created the nation with God breathed principles and purposes, and the Constitution established the nation's framework and function. The Declaration and the Constitution are legally liked by the covenant vows of the people that created both documents. We the people formed a social compact that we must renew.

Jan Higgins