Union Democrat staff

We should always conserve water

To the Editor:

Here we are in the middle of a serious water shortage, and our esteemed representative, Tom McClintock, can only rant on about the "leftist environmentalists." I'm not necessarily a radical, but anyone can see that we have to look at the whole problem. This earth that we are on only has a finite amount of liquid. Water has many forms, but we can only use certain ones. Much of the moisture is tied up in the oceans and glaciers, which is beyond our use at present. Mr. McClintock needs to go back and review his basic science. His solution and mantra is more and bigger dams. They wouldn't do much good with our non existing rainfall, would they? We have wet years and dry years, but we also have an increasing population that requires more and more water. We are totally dependent on water.

Our aquifers in the Central Valley are not being replenished, either, as they once were, and as they would in the normal flow of water. Water is diverted for agriculture, power, and human needs. Small farmers need to dig deeper wells that cost money that they don't have. We all need to look at the big picture and not just for the short future. We all need to practice measures every day that would conserve water. The utilities districts can remind us of many ways to do this, but it's up to each individual to make changes in ones daily routine. And we should continue to conserve our water, and other resources, even in the wet years. In the words of the late Pete Seeger, "When will we ever learn?"

Bev Still


Round of applause for Don Bilotti

To the Editor

Don Bilotti, former artistic director of Stage 3, has recently retired that particular position. He and Maryann Curmie both deserve a "round of applause" for their more than a decade of directing plays and memorable roles performed in this unique Black Box theater. Stage 3 began as a "back alley" hideaway and has developed a deserved standing in our artistic community. This gem, with expanded space, good seating, and an attractive frontage and reception area also features musical groups an hour before each play. No longer hidden away, Stage 3 has won significant awards for outstanding productions in our region and draws a broader audience to Sonora. Columbia College will be privileged to continue having Bilotti

drama instructor in their Fine Arts program. I've taken several drama courses from Bilotti and know that his students are well mentored and encouraged in the art of interpretation and oral expression. In fact, I have heard him say to his students, "Thank you for letting me teach you... I love doing it!" We, those who appreciate drama, say to Bilotti, "Thank you for your dedication to artistic excellence through the years.

M.L. Chandler