Union Democrat staff

Still trying to get unification on ballot

To the Editor

My husband and I have been gathering signatures at several locations in the county for a petition to place the issue of school unification on the ballot. This is the preliminary step in allowing the voters to eventually vote for or against this proposal.

What has astounded us is the reaction of so many people we have approached to sign the petition. Naturally a lot of the people who gladly sign the petition are former or current participants in the field of education and fully understand the problem of top-heavy administration soaking up the funds that would be better used for the benefit of the students.. But there are too many who don't have a clue about what we are trying to do. We have gotten remarks such as "no thank you, I don't want any" or "why don't you do something about getting rid of Obamacare!" Also a frequent answer to our request is "I don't have any kids in school." When we point out that this has little bearing on the fact that we all pay taxes which fund our schools, a light goes on in their mind and they usually sign!

Janet Maffei


Healthcare starts with healthy choices

To the Editor:

Whereas I appreciate Irene Zamzow's (Jan. 9, 2014) sympathy for the young adults whose participation in Obamacare is critical for it to be funded, I wonder what she thinks drives the insurance industry now? Why do you think they try to eliminate people with pre- existing conditions? Why do your costs go up as your get older? A simple lab test now often costs over a thousand dollars. Do you really think whatever you have contributed to your plan covers the cost of what you use if you are unhealthy? The majority of the payments and profits have always been on the backs of the young and the healthy.

I have been in healthcare over 35 years and have only seen the waste and lack of responsibility for one's choices increase exponentially. The attitude of "don't tell me what I can eat and drink and smoke, but pull out the stops to make me better when I feel bad" is commonplace. Our fear and guilt at the end of life has prompted the "do whatever it takes" mindset that has caused this particular period of life - called dying - to be the biggest resource user while only prolonging the experience.

If healthcare is a service, like firefighting and law enforcement, and not a business, we need to manage our finances and shared resources carefully, realistically, and with a citizen's eye to the larger community we serve, and receive from. The responsibility for our health starts with us and the choices we make. It starts with proper education about these choices, and incentives to make the healthier ones. I don't really care if you want to drink sodas all day, but if you then want the healthcare system to manage your diabetes, cardiac issues, and osteoporosis, I do care. No matter what insurance plan you have.

Stefani Reichle


Happy New Year, welcome to 1984

To the Editor:

Happy New Year everyone! And by the way things are going its 1984 already, with the drones in the air, for our protection and security of course. Why else would the government greenlight surveillance drones on U.S. soil? Perhaps they will record subversive conversations or dissent amongst the herd? Or is the ruling class just protecting its interests and privileges? What better way to enlist obedience amongst the rabble.

Now for all those people whom might think that the government believes that all of its citizenry are criminals… well that's just not the case. I'm sure that these are just test runs are for an exciting new war somewhere else, right? Since unemployment is at zero and everyone has too much money, these drones are just gonna fly around and spray happy fuzzies all over. Besides that's say for arguments sake that the government will have these drones flying around to watch normal law abiding citizens, there's no problem with that, as long as you have nothing to hide.

Just think of how easy it will be to prosecute people with this new tool, so we as the surfs must remember the new axiom-Guilty, and the state gets to show how that guilt is proven. This truly is the golden age.

Tom Griffiths