Union Democrat staff

Tuolumne window brightens town

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the person who paints the window at the old gas station in Tuolumne city. It brightens up an otherwise empty lot and always makes me smile. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for all of the people of Tuolumne township. Your creativity and talent are evident in your work. Keep it up please and thank you very much!

Vicki Stone


Capitalism running amok in U.S.

To the Editor:

Mr. Ackley's letter (Jan. 8) claims to defend something, in this case "capitalism", that is not even under attack. And puts the blame for whatever he thinks is wrong on Obama - what else is new?

But stop: Capitalism is under attack - by its own protagonists. The rich are no longer content with getting richer to the tune of 10, 20 percent each year, they want to get something for their money: So they are taking over our political system.

Some people have always been richer than others. Fifty years ago economic powers were more in balance. Then tax laws were written and amended that benefited the very wealthy, now known as the "One Percent". More and more, regardless of which party was in control, a larger and larger share of the country's productivity went to the One Percent. In the last decade 80 percent of the country's economic wealth went to 10 percent at the top. Now people at the lower end will stay there, with no chance of moving up. And the middle class is slowly starving, too.

Lobbyists swarm Washington, some even write the laws that members of Congress gleefully enact - because there is a payback. They enter into this Faustian contract because they can expect generous donations to their reelection campaigns.

Not capitalism is to blame. The blame lies with the influence of money that corrupts the political process. Now corporations can pour unlimited amounts of money into elections. Just wait a few months, the season will soon begin.

It's a sad state of affairs that elections are now decided by the money that flows into the campaigns. "One man, one vote?" Sweet dreams. We're getting close to "one dollar, one vote."

Klaus Kraemer