Union Democrat staff

Not the same ol' Tuolumne County

To the Editor:

The Union Democrat - Monday, Jan. 6, "Two jailed in grisly slaying," "Victim walks in on burglar," "Suspect in assault held on $1M bail," "Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder." Where, oh where, has the Tuolumne County I moved to in 1972 gone? I certainly do not have all the answers, but if we went back "Leave It To Beaver" on TV and "Lassie" at the movies it would be a good start.

Laurel Utecht


Political extremes and common sense

To the Editor:

Randy Meyer (Dec. 20) thinks Democrats are Communists. Using that political mindset would make Republicans Fascists. It's all nonsense. The problem is Republican policies don't make sense.

Republicans are cutting the safety net. Why increase poverty and joblessness when the unemployed are experiencing a depression? We have stimulated Corporate America. Now it's time to stimulate the job market. Our infrastructure gets a D- from the Army Corps of Engineers. Let's create jobs repairing our country. America can borrow at virtually zero interest today. If you think we're broke, think again.

America pays the insurance industry $1.45 trillion a year. They provide no health care; they just hold and distribute the money. Why do we need a middleman? Cut out the insurance middleman and we could pay off the national debt in 15 years. We're paying insurance corporations to pay health care corporations.

A new Ford sells for $40,000. I offer to be the middleman for $40,000. Now the car costs you $80,000. Why would you do that?

Corporate lobbyists, through relatively small campaign contributions, bribe congressmen for "sweetheart deals." Corporations get thousands of a percent return on those bribes. Let's end this kind of relationship between business and government. It's hurting America.

We have been convinced by Corporate America to distrust government and to get rid of the laws that prevent these things from happening. This is called deregulation. Consider our national mindset. If I said let's raise the California sales tax by three percent, there would be an anti-tax outcry; yet that money would be used for our society. But the corporate "sales tax" of 3 percent on retail sales charged to swipe your credit card is ignored.

Broke? No. We're undermining government and excusing greed. Integrity in government depends on us.

Robert Carabas