Union Democrat staff

Young adults will pay for Obamacare scheme

To the Editor:

In order for the Obamacare scheme to work 2.7 million young adults, 18 to 34 years old, need to sign up. You see, it is the healthy young adults who will be paying for the sick and elderly.

Upon graduating, these young adults will not only have the burden of paying back student loans, they will be facing sky-high health care premiums. With jobs being scarce, I wonder what they are going to do? Many of these young adults are aware that it is they who will carry this burden on their backs and opt out of this health care scheme and pay the penalty; oops, this is bad for the Obamacare scheme.

As an American, I am appalled with the populace who have the mindset that other people should pay for your health care - nobody owes you a living - nothing is free, somebody had to pay for whatever the "free" is. Our society had become an entitlement society full of greed and envy - so sad.

Irene Zamzow


Overwhelmed by Tuolumne County's giving spirit

To the Editor:

As we take down our lights, put away the decorations for 2013, let's take some time to reflect. The Sonora Post Office giving tree was a giant, heartwarming success. I love how the community, with varying views and opinions, always comes together to help local children smile at Christmas.

These are difficult times for many families and even when a child has two working parents, things can still be difficult. After shelter, food and life's necessities are paid for, any extra for Christmas is hard to come by.

That's when generosity filled so many hearts and kind folks brought lots of toys that Santa passed out at our wonderful Interfaith's community dinner. I am proud to live and work with you all. They say it takes a village; this is one special, rallying, awesome village. Thank you all so much for caring about children.

Also, I was delivering mail in the dark when my wallet fell out of my pocket. A good person found it and turned it into the CHP. This is a good place. My faith in humanity has been given a huge boost. Thank you whoever you are and to all a good night.

Patty Morrison