Union Democrat staff

Disturbed by 'Duck Dynasty'

To the Editor:

Where oh where are all the jobs? America, has never been more wealthy (household net worth $77 trillion). Corporate profit margins at all-time highs. Dow Jones Industrial average has never been higher. What is wrong with this picture?

Well, two things right off the bat - wages as a percent of the economy have never been lower. Since Reagan took office in 1981, there has been a steady redistribution of wealth and now the inequality has reached a level that is unsustainable. The result is the collapse of the middle class in America.

The second reason was obvious as I was Christmas shopping with my wife at a local department store- she shopped, I read labels. Other than a bag of socks, I could not find another article of clothing that was made in America. Millions of jobs, once done by our once proud middle class workforce, being done for pennies on the dollar by slave wage workers in other countries.

However, two items deeply disturbed me:

NFL goods - made by the tax dodging National Football League (a tax exempt "nonprofit" organization). Sky high prices, a monopoly, and all made everywhere but America - from Pakistan to Honduras - by workers forced to work in sweatshops.

And from the racist, homophobes, and misogynists on a series called "Duck Dynasty" we have promotional goods that are made in China. So much for this all-American show. (I ask all responsible merchants to join those who have tossed this crap into a dumpster with the other trash).

In closing, let me suggest that all stores have a section for only goods "Made in America," and that we buy American. Time to take care of ourselves, seeing as how the plutocrats have sold us out.

Domenic Torchia


Wages are a reflection of work

To the Editor:

I am troubled by this new concept of "wage inequality."

I have a good job and earn more than some people but I am sure there a lot more people who earn more than I do. I would only be concerned if I didn't have the individual opportunity and ability to advance and earn more. This equalization of wages is ridiculous. Some jobs will always pay more than others because they are worth more. Why take the time, effort, stress and training to become an airline pilot for a minimum wage?

Jay Dugan