Union Democrat staff

Jesus is the reason for the season

To the Editor:

What would it be like to be at your own birthday party and everyone is exchanging gifts, playing games, eating, and none of it included you? I wonder how Jesus feels as we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is not about us - it is all about Jesus. As we continue to celebrate Christmas lets put the focus on Jesus and give Him what He deserves. If we do we will truly have a Merry Christmas.

Norm Gough


Communists want wealth redistribution

To the Editor:

The communists within our midst have become emboldened with the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama and the election of like minded Democrats. At the state level, Governor Brown and the majority Democrats have been energized and have enacted laws that favor lawless non-citizens and impugn our constitutional rights. Their objective is the same, attack, attack, attack and overwhelm the citizenry into despondency.

The same pattern emerges at all levels of government where the Democratic Party has strength. Centralized control is their rule and wealth redistribution their objective. Historically, communism has required the elimination of the family, the church, private property, and capitalism. This country's move "forward" is in the same direction.

Today we hear the same old claptrap about redistribution of wealth. Now it is "income inequality" or "wage parity" that is shouted out at us. The marketplace is no longer to determine one's wages, leave that to the central committee. We are all to be equal, equally poor!

Communism thus requires the very destruction of the bourgeoisie or middle class. All is to be redistributed from rich to the poor. All is to be taken from the many and given to the few, to be decided by a centralized government or dictatorship of the "proletariat." It is the tyranny of the minority we must fear, not that of the majority.

And for those of us who resist, sensitivity training and forced psychiatric counseling for now with fines, imprisonment, property confiscation, and worse to come. The future holds the same as it always has for the end game of communism, human degradation and mass murder.

Randy Meyer