Union Democrat staff

Candle lighting honors lost children

To the Editor:

When a child dies in your family, the world changes, and you will never again be the same person. The loss of a child, no matter the age or circumstances, is truly one of life's harshest blows.

Compassionate Friends, a self-help bereavement organization, created the Worldwide Candle Lighting. It is always held on the second Sunday in December, which this year, is at 7 p.m. this coming Sunday, Dec. 8. Each person lights a candle that burns for one hour. Candles are first lit just west of the International Date Line and an hour later in the next time zone; eventually creating a 24-hour wave of light to remember all children who have died.

Roger and I invited your readers to light a candle at 7 p.m. this Sunday, Dec. 8, in remembrance of our children. Please add your flames to the wave of light around the world.

Kathy Francis


Mariposa pot regulations unfair

To the Editor:

Mariposa County supervisors in conjunction with the planning department are instituting excessive marijuana regulations which only affect legitimate medical users and not the large cartels.

The Sheriff's Department cites the few marijuana crimes that have been committed in the county but doesn't tell you that there are more registered sex offenders in the county than there were violent marijuana-related crimes.

In the case of families where more than one member of the family requires medical marijuana, new county regulations will deprive one member of the family from being able to cultivate marijuana plants.

Regulations would limit the amount of mature marijuana plants to 12 plants per parcel, with the average plant only producing four to five ounces of usable bud, for edible, liniment and tinctures, 12 to 14 pounds less than required for a year.

I too am against growing for profit, but this law does nothing more to punish those growers that are growing hundreds of plants on public land while keeping "Pot Cops" so busy that they can't police the cartels. Too, how often are there arrests for these growers?

I would suggest that if the county is setting themselves above the doctors, the county should have to make available medicine required over the amount the individual is allowed to grow, Perhaps a voucher to the user.

You can see the proposed new regulations by looking up packet 237 from the Board of Supervisors minutes from the Oct. 15 meeting.

I would suggest that any legitimate medical marijuana user write the county supervisors.

If you're hesitant to write your supervisor you can contact me by email at waterguy1@hughes.net or P.O. Box 123, Coulterville, CA 95311.

James Ryan