Union Democrat staff

Jobs: The most partisan of issues

To the Editor:

Mike Dabkowski's (Nov.20) sensible letter depicts Democrats and Tea Party Republicans as poorly behaved and by association equally at fault for joblessness.

However, there is no Tea Party/Republican jobs bill. Instead they have effectively shut down the House and thus Congress to prevent any Obama initiatives from being debated. The Democrats' jobs bill has waited for three years.

The stock market is hitting new highs as corporate America flourishes, while millions of Americans are jobless. For every job there are seven applicants. Republicans claim the unemployed are "free loading moochers who must be forced to work." Anyone boldly demanding, "Get a job!" should be required to produce an honest one.

Government could create jobs modernizing our infrastructure - the electrical grid, roads, bridges, broadband, education, and alternative energy - but that would require a spending bill. Republicans claim this is fiscally irresponsible, demanding cuts to Welfare while the unemployed endure a depression.

Let's cut corporate privileges and favoritism what economists call "rent seeking." Insurance companies hold and dispense health care dollars at a cost of $600 billion a year; non-negotiated drug prices $55 billion; the failed war on drugs $85 billion; tax evasion $200 billion, totaling $940 billion a year: enough to stop the growth of the national debt. Thirty years of corporations taxing citizens have cost the treasury nearly twice the national debt.

How is this possible? Corporations are funding elections. "He who pays the piper calls the song." Campaign bribes in thousands of dollars return billions - GE and Exxon pay no taxes. The more they get, the more they want. And what they want, Republicans advocate: deregulation, tax cuts and "smaller," passive, compliant Government.

Why would the "Free Market" create jobs when high unemployment keeps wages down and profits up? Are jobs an economic nuisance or the foundation a civil America?

Robert Carabas


Conservatives loved John F. Kennedy

To the Editor:

On NBC last Friday, the anniversary of JFK's assassination, and by others lately in the media, it is annoying to watch liberals (Bill Clinton, et al) lie and place veiled blame of JFK's murder on right-wing extremists and insinuate that conservatives were glad in his demise, the usual shameful rhetoric. Oswald was a left-wing radical. Oswald hated Kennedy the "Cold-Warrior." Kennedy was a cultural phenomenon, as well (and not a liberal by today's standards). He had the ability to capture the adoration and admiration of all Americans.

Jim Carson

Mi-Wuk Village

County deal only helps developers

To the Editor:

In regards to affordable housing and the 80-unit apartment project on Parrotts Ferry Road, these apartments were proposed as "upscale" units and designed with swimming pool and clubhouse within a gated community. The development industry and our Board of Supervisors have revised the Affordable and Inclusionary Housing Ordinance in our General Plan and now developers are not required to produce a percentage of affordable units but, may participate voluntarily if they wish, creating a huge deficit in development of affordable housing for low and middle income families. Our Board of Supervisors has voted in every way to support the developers in spite of community protests, wants and needs. The influence of developer and special interest monies, has been divisive and destructive to the well being of Tuolumne County, its people and its resources.

The lawsuit by TCCFRG, was brought about to request a complete EIR for both the apartments and the long planned shopping center adjacent to the 5.3 acres. The combined traffic figures and impacts to Columbia visitors and residents, were very destructive to this historic community. The residential properties adjacent to the project, which includes a mobile home park, are dependent on well water obtained from the large aquifers which would be heavily impacted by the filling in and re-direction of rain run-off when the 5.3 acres is then topped with asphalt and buildings.

Most importantly, there is always more to meet the eye here, especially when the local media is determined to support construction as "economic development". We all know what happened to that "boom" in 2008 and in our opinion, supervisors need to regroup and work with community to create successful living environments instead of meeting with developers, to help line their pockets with profits from destructive projects.

Barbara Farkas


Tuolumne County Citizens for Responsible Growth