Union Democrat staff

Middle East troubles brewing

To the Editor:

The news media will be rife with analysis of Iran's agreement with world powers but I will offer some points that may not be printed. President Obama earned his Nobel Peace Prize, which he violated with his drone killing decisions. John Kerry fought in Vietnam, saw the death and destructive nature of war, and was therefore the right "man" to head the negotiations to head off a war which could set the Middle East afire and send the world economies into depression. The war could cut off over 80 percent of Mideast oil shipments. Iran, Saudi Arabia and potentially Israel would see major destruction. Hezbollah and Iran are ready to engage in this potential war. Israel's military and intelligence services wanted some agreement even though Netanyahu objects. Don't think that Pakistan's military would sit idle if they saw major damage to a Muslim country right next door; thinking they might be a potential target from Israel they might strike Israel first with their nukes. Pakistan, (the only Muslim nuclear power) fears the West is engaged with them only to secure control of their nukes. Israel is the only nuclear power so small that it would take only one nuke to destroy its viability.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Politics has strayed from Constitution

To the Editor:

Current political thought in America is spiraling into oblivion. Neither party holds any true beliefs anymore. They do not seek power for the sake of making life better for Americans. They are stuck in a loop of power lusting for powers sake and seek personal gratification in the process. As President of Following America's Constitution in Today's Society (TCFACTS, a group dedicated to teaching the Constitution in Tuolumne County) I believe it is important to remind our citizenry that when the founders created the Constitution they looked at the entire ideological spectrum which holds total anarchy at one end and complete tyranny at the other. The Constitution, when placed in this spectrum between these two extremes, provides just enough government to keep us out of anarchy and just enough freedom to prevent tyranny. It's a perfect fit. And contrary to contemporary thinking, the Constitution is not outdated. It is in fact a perfect document incapable of being outdated. The founders built in the ability for the Constitution to be changed and amended. If we lose the Constitution we will succumb to Socialism or Communism which will move us inevitably towards tyranny. Or it could plunge us into chaos ending up in anarchy. Neither path will provide a world we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in. So when you see politicians grabbing power and pushing the Constitution to its breaking point think about what will happen if we let that beautiful, divinely inspired document fall. When you look around at your choices in leadership please look for the one who is fighting for the Constitution because everything we treasure is riding on it.

David Titchenal