Union Democrat staff

Praying for a broken nation

To the Editor:

I left Vietnam 43 years ago after serving a year in combat, a drafter in the United States Army. The ride home was beautiful, especially when the lights of Seattle shone in the distance! Cheers and tears were abundant.

Never in my wildest dreams on that day did I think or fear that the country I fought for would be in danger of being sabotaged by our president and a host of my peers, many of whom never served in the military!

I pray for this man every day and for the brokeness of this nation! I hope you do the same.

Happy Veterans Day to all of you who gave your best. Let's hope and pray for a better tomorrow!

Tom Christian


Climate change cannot be ignored

To the Editor:

Congressman McClintock has referred to "extremist environmental groups." I wish he would name these groups. Do they include the Sierra Club? The Audubon Society? And contrary to what Rep. McClintock claims, conservation groups do favor some degree of salvage logging. He knows this. His claims of environmentalist extremism is ironic, because the Congressman belongs to an extremist group, the Tea Party faction in Congress. It was they and not the President who was responsible for the government shutdown. Their action was subversive of good government, shameful and unethical. The Congressman's desire to abolish the Affordable Care Act is again ironic since the Act gives consumers the opportunity to pick a health plan offered by the various health insurance companies. Isn't this the free market in action? Does the Congressman object to having millions of new enrolled in health care or would he prefer not to insure them? Is it the Congressman's real fear that Obamacare might actually work? Republicans had years to present amendments to the Affordable Care Act, but failed to do so.

Instead they engaged in an effort to sabotage it, an effort continuing as I write. Disgraceful.

Then we have McClintock denying man-made climate change. His position is based on anti-government ideology, not on science. And the science of man-made climate change is good science, not one based on the ranting of Rush Limbaugh. Perhaps the real reason for his denial is that climate change will have to result in some kind of government action to combat it. Horrors! Again ideology trumps reason.

Daniel Connell