Union Democrat staff

Republicans held out for nothing

To the Editor:

What will Tea Party extremists like Tom McClintock get for the billions of dollars - precious job creating dollars - his party has squandered on false ideology? What is it worth for these mad dogs to blow every penny of their political capital for decades to come?

Well, it looks like they may score a two year delay on something called a "medical device tax." What is a medical device tax? How much is that going to save us?

The excise tax on medical devices is a mere pittance - a number you will not believe. It does not amount to enough money to keep Yosemite open but for a few weeks. The tax is 2.3 percent on a small number of items. Economists say it will total "$29 billion over ten years."

Let me use another example given to me by a friend - a doctor, an author, and professor - on the impact of the medical device tax:

"Device costs hospital $1,000. Now will cost $1,023. Hospital bills patient $5,000 for device. So hospital now only makes $3,977 in profit, not $4,000." (There is more in those four lines, but that is for another letter).

Years ago I appropriately named this third party group "The America Last Party." So blinded by bigotry, hate and false ideology that they were hell bent on the destruction of our government and our American way of life.

The answer to my first two questions - America lost on this one, Tuolumne County lost on this one. This was another act of stupidity on the part of the tea baggers from the very beginning. The answer to the second question - it's up to the voters.

America cannot afford these people. I only hope you all remember this on election day.

Domenic Torchia


New Sonora High pool is necessary

To the Editor:

As a water polo coach for the past six years at Sonora High School and the parent of five children who have attended the school, I have spent much time in and around the campus, particularly at the current swimming pool. I would like to voice my opinion and clarify facts regarding the plans for a new pool at Sonora High School.

1. The current pool is nearly 60 years old and, though generously supported by individuals in the community twenty years ago and well used since that time, is currently outdated, insufficient and deteriorating.

2. The new pool will be larger, taking into account more than ample access for the handicapped, young swimmers, and adult recreational swimmers. The committee is working hard to finalize the most economical option to meet current safety standards, satisfy the needs of competitive teams, and to improve the overall access for the community and students.

3. Our locker rooms and bathrooms are unsanitary and inadequate. This needs to be rectified.

4. All of the bond information included "athletic facilities" as part of what would be addressed.

5. The bond committee, the superintendent, and the school board are listening to community input; I commend them for their efforts.

Lastly, I would like to invite anyone interested in this issue to come to visit or even swim during one of my practices. I think they would see things more clearly. Adults and children in Tuolumne County have enjoyed the old pool for many years; I would like to see a new Memorial Pool continue to meet that need for the community and high school for future generations.

JulieAnn Personius