Union Democrat staff

Let Obamacare work itself out

To the Editor:

Let me understand this; Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, after much deliberation and many changes to try to satisfy everyone. Then the president signed it. Now, some members of congress want to go back and deliberate some more, or just plain kill it! Don't they believe in Democracy? It passed and the president signed it! Are they willing to default on the country's debts and wreak havoc on the economy in order to get their way?

The Affordable Care Act is already being implemented and is helping many people, especially persons who cannot afford care under our capitalistic health care system.

Let it work, and then make changes if really needed. Jeez!

Jerry Fueslein


Firefighters don't deserve wage cuts

To the Editor:

I am so proud and feel good when I see the signs "Thank you firefighters!" "Great job!" "We love our firefighters!" As well we should.

After all they saved many communities such as Pine Mountain Lake and Tuolumne City.

Now we should do something for the firefighters risking their lives and protecting our homes and communities.

Send letters or call our representatives in Washington and Sacramento telling them "No more cuts to the firefighters benefits and pay!"

This is the one way for all of us to say "Thank you."

Michael Dabkowski

Cedar Ridge

Better management can prevent fires

To the Editor:

I grew up working in the area re-burnt in the recent devastating fire.

Now, I live in Colorado; where we are experiencing devastating floods.

As a woodcutter I've seen more and more forest service roads closed, in both locations, prior to the disasters.

Please demand that our Forest Service change their priorities. More reforestation, proper thinning and somse culverts - those bigs ones - that go under recently graded, open roads - would all be places to start.

Chris Butler

Crestone, Colo.