Union Democrat staff

Get more info on health care reform

To the Editor:

Thank you for your insert in Thursday's paper, "Health Care Reform: Your Guide to the Affordable Care Act." It was filled with important information from the federal government, but it lacked California state information.

California was the first state to set up a health benefit exchange. Legal residents of California without employer paid insurance will be able to buy health insurance through the exchange, now officially known as "Covered California." This is where you can access information and use financial assistance to lower your insurance costs. And, if your income is limited, Covered CA will indicate your eligibility for MediCal. Please advise your readers to visit www.CoveredCA.com or call 1-888-975-1142 to check it out.

Kay Bargmann


Fire tax fails during Rim Fire

To the Editor:

The Governor Brown fire tax seems to have flopped.

The hunter that started the Rim Fire wasn't educated by the tax. We should probably double it to $300.

The governor is a miserable failure.

Nero just fiddled as Rome burned.

Tom Wilson


Grateful for Rim Fire personnel

To the Editor:

An open letter to all fire and protective personnel:

Words are hard to come by to tell you how much we thank you!

As a 36-year fire captain I've been there, I understand how tired and frustrated you feel! You do your job and pray it helps.

My appreciation is tenfold.

Thank you again. God bless all of you.

Dewey Baron

Retired fire captain


Frog misinformation polluting debate

To the Editor:

Much has been written about the great McClintock frog event of Aug. 6. It was headlined by The Union Democrat as a "hearing." The announcement for the meeting called it a forum." It was neither.

Commonly a hearing is held to hear credible information to aid in developing or improving a piece of legislation. And my dictionary says a "forum" is a "discussion" of alternative viewpoints. The panel was nearly - flagrantly - stacked against the proposed plan. A good measure of misinformation and innuendo naturally floated out.

My two cents is that the "forum" was political theatre. It was carefully staged by local Republicans to stoke the anger of many in the audience, and to solidify loyalty to Republican and conservative office holders.

Dick Peterson