Union Democrat staff

Syria intervention a misguided idea

To the Editor:

I am amazed that our country's leaders have so quickly forgotten the recent history of interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now want to bomb Syria.

The only good I can see is that we would be taking a moral stand against use of chemical weapons. However, I wonder how many innocent Syrians we would kill.

There are a lot of potential bad things coming from bombing Syria. I don't think we can just bomb and walk away. It isn't that simple. What if Syria used chemical weapons again? Do we bomb again? There are too many ways to get sucked in deeper. Iran, Hezbollah, and al-Qaida terrorists would no doubt retaliate against us and probably Israel as well. I can see the possibility of a large war getting started if Iran gets involved, and an even bigger war if Russia gets involved.

The United States shouldn't be the world's sole policeman any more. We shouldn't be wasting the lives of our young men and increasing our budget deficit. Intervention is something the United Nations should do, not us alone. If there is a moral principle involved and Russia blocks action from the United Nations, then let Russia take the blame.

But I also question the effectiveness of any action. The people over there have been fighting each other for centuries. We can't change that with a few bombs. What is happening in Syria is a tragedy. But we can't fix it!

I ask our Congress and President to stay out of the Syria mess!

Bill Burnes


Fooled by Sonora bond initiative

To the Editor:

Thank you, Brenna Swift, for interviewing Mr. McCoy of Sonora High on the subject of using Measure J funds to build an "aquatic center." His responses are, to say the least, interesting. He is smart enough not to lie; he just runs wide circles around the truth.

"... the need for a new, modern aquatics center came up over and over again." Of course, once the money is in the bag, "needs" pop up everywhere.

Likewise this gem: "... the new pool concept came from our architect. It was our architect's recommendation after the passage of the bond." - Of course, again: Once contractors know you are sitting on a pile of money they don't need much prodding to come up with new ideas.

"Nothing was specifically mentioned in the ballot initiative other than classrooms, buildings, facilities, energy efficiencies. It was worded in such a way that it gave my (school) board the parameters to work within, to spend the bond money in the best way possible." In other words, we deliberately phrased the bond language so vaguely that we could use the money for just about any purpose.

Brenna Swift: Are you reconsidering the choice to put in a pool? - "Absolutely not. We are committed ..."

Well, I'm absolutely committed never to fall prey to deceptions like Sonora High's Measure J again.

Klaus Kraemer


Expensive pool unnecessary

To the Editor:

I have followed the progression of Measure J for a while. Before it got voted on, I watched the absurd building of the cosmetology school in front of my house.

Actually how much did that three-year boondoggle cost? It was a pre-fabricated, numbered, seven-piece building.

I saw idiotic changes of labor crews, trees cut down for no reason and there is an expensive pergola that will offer no protection from rain and ugly concrete slabs for dining.

If this is any indication of how the money will be spent, we got scammed. Fix the buildings, the pool can wait.

Deborah Neubauer


Standing with the president on Syria

To the Editor:

To our friends and fellow Obama supporters: We voted for President Obama twice, mostly for his moral convictions and courage. We support his plan for Syria.

The children of Syria are as precious as any of ours. We in the U.S. can act as the world's moral conscience. War crimes, especially against civilians, must be acknowledged as such and those leaders put on notice that they will be held responsible. This is a difficult decision for our President and for all of us, but when one is aware that all life is precious, we must support a limited, targeted response against Syrian regime military targets after their horrendous use of chemical weapons.

As a pacifist this is a most difficult personal decision. Please consider this perspective on this agonizing situation.

Lynne Schneider