Union Democrat staff

Faith in fellow citizens restored

To the Editor:

I recently spent 10 days in the Palo Alto VA hospital. When I returned home the first thing I noticed was the absence of my American flag at the top of my driveway.

Upon further investigation I found that the bracket holding the pole had broken and that the flagpole was neatly woven through the fence with "Old Glory" displayed honorably though closer to the ground.

Whether or not she ever touched the ground, I don't know.

But I want to thank the unknown person who retrieved my flag. It restores my faith in our country and its citizens in this time of turmoil.

God bless America.

Douglas Heseman


Where's everyone's Obamacare waiver?

To the Editor,

I'm assuming a revised dictionary will be forthcoming. It's difficult these days to keep up with all the new word meanings. The word lie is now called misspeak. Green jobs mean pour taxpayer money down a hole. Phony means it's OK to misspeak more than once. Transparency means mythical or whatever you want it to mean. The "war on women" is far too silly to have any meaningful description. And then there's the indescribable health care law.

If a person on a fixed income has a bad tire on their car and doesn't have any money should they buy a new car with zero down even though they can't make the payments or should they borrow enough money to buy a new tire? The unaffordable health care plan says we have to buy the new car even though it's a lemon and we can't afford it. Why not just create a plan to assist the 30 million (the fourth tire) people that weren't covered?

The experts said over a year ago that with the unaffordable health care law there is still going to be 30 million people that won't be covered. Most individuals were covered by their job or their own funds. They liked their plan and doctors but someone misspoke about being able to keep what they had. It's like 'cash for clunkers'. We're stuck with the clunker. We've lost jobs, we're paying higher insurance rates, full time jobs have been lost or cut down to part-time, and we'll soon have ill equipped government employees deciding what care individuals get. Congress passed it and now they've anointed themselves exempt.

There are only about four decent proposals in the 20,000-plus page law and rules worth keeping. Dump the rest.

Lenore Swanberg


Government failures at fault for Rim Fire

To the Editor:

Failed stewardship of our forest is generating smoke that has gagged and angered me this whole week…

Government departments beg for more money from taxpayers for the emergency effort, while the cause of the fire is failed policies and inaction on the part of interlocking jurisdictions.

Government cannot act on solutions as it is tied by its own red tape shirt tail.

A simple answer: Have the fire burnt land title and stewardship assigned to the counties affected. The counties will be required within two years to auction the land off for the highest and best use. The result will be a maximizing of property and sales tax.

Private landowners have the common sense to build fire breaks and thin trees for best marketability. Government has proven that they cannot generate food and fiber for the needs of man. Free enterprise can.

This Rim Fire is affecting our national treasure Yosemite as Yellowstone was affected a decade ago.

This emergency demands a change of law now! It is up to us to make it happen! We need to pressure our elected representatives at the local, state and national level now.

Oliver H. "Bert" Maxwell