Union Democrat staff

Lesson learned after bond money stunt

To the Editor,

I believe education is essential for the success of a democratic society. As a consequence of this belief, I have always voted in favor of school bond proposals. However, recent revelations regarding the intended uses for the Sonora High School bond concern me.

Prior to election day no discussion or information was provided indicating the bulk of the funds would be used for sports facilities. The multi-million dollar aquatics center will be great for water polo, but is it a replacement for a pool that is used by students and the community? When did this sports facility become a priority? The existing pool was built to reduce the risk of drowning by providing the children of our area with a safe place to learn to swim. Will the public that pays for the new facility be allowed to use the pool? Will this eliminate Sonora's only public pool?

The second priority appears to be upgrading the football field, track, and other athletic facilities. Will the public be allowed to use the stadium field and track, or will a locked gate and fence be necessary to protect the significant investment of funds?

I have no doubt that the plan to commence with construction of athletic facilities will generate unanticipated costs and thereby eliminate other projects that are vital to the education of all students. The use of the bond funds to build sports facilities is a disservice to students and deceitful to those of us that voted for the school bond. The school board and administrators need to examine their priorities. Education, truthful public disclosure and future school bonds are at risk. If team sports facilities are made a priority over academics, I will learn my lesson. I vote no.

Larry Coombes


Hollywood trash talk hypocritical

To the Editor:

Perhaps you've heard the trash being constantly peddled by the Hollywood "politically correct," that is, liberals.

To name a few: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, Eddie Vedder, John Legend, Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortensen, Kerry Washington...

Marxism, as well as pure socialism, has always appealed to the weak-minded....and those who have already made their fortunes.

The trash talk actually describes the Hollywood left ... they got theirs, and need to assuage their guilt by railing against the very system that delivered to them their successes.

Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged writes of the Progressive who uses cronyism to become wealthy, then uses regulations to raise the drawbridge in order to prevent the poor from becoming rich.

Obama believes in Personal (taking their "fair share" of taxes from the rich), Regional (from the suburbs to the inner city) and Global (The Global Poverty Act of 2007 was sponsored by Obama as a Senator) wealth redistribution. I'm waiting on the noted blustering Hollywood liberals to redistribute their own wealth.

Once again, how are those votes for Obama working out for you?

Ray Anderson


Defend your space from fire now

To the Editor:

My dad had a philosophy on pruning techniques: "Prune until you think you've pruned too much, then prune some more."

That same principle applied to our forest lands. Until the forests are "pruned" through timber harvesting and biomass thinning; conflagrations like those occurring now will continue, continue and continue. What is at stake is loss of wildlife, natural resources, property, economic revenue and potentially human life.

The time to act is now, not later.

Terri Arington

Yankee Hill