Union Democrat staff

The American dream lives on

To the Editor:

I watched a show last night about two beautiful Americans who were accepted to Harvard and Yale universities. These two were tops in their high schools and worked hard taking the tests and doing what smart young people do to get ahead.

It's a beautiful story. Raised by single mothers working hard to take care of their family as hard working people do today. Both students came from the same high school class. Asked if their mothers had a chance to visit them at their colleges the was answer no. One student was worried if he went to college his mother wouldn't have enough to eat. She insisted he go, period.

Here's what I want all of you to know: These two young students came from Mississippi. The good old Confederacy. Can you believe it? One of the students is in his sophomore year. Both are doing well in their colleges. Moms are great and proud.

They are both citizens of the U.S., taxpayers and African American. How great is that! There is hope for American out there!

Jim Hassay


McClintock acting like a 'McClown'

To the Editor:

After reading McClintock's "The truth about the plan to cut amenities at Yosemite" on the top of Monday's Editorial Page, I found it interesting to note how many untruths, distortions and false logic were used. He has written other equally misleading articles and sent emails about protection of the Yellow Legged frog and the Yosemite Toad. John Buckley's guest opinion at the bottom of the page really sets the record straight. He did a masterful job of using good logic and the truth.

McClintock doesn't seem to realize that Yosemite is a one-of-a-kind place that millions of people from all around the world would like to visit and see all the unique features. I've known people who have waited most of their life for a chance to visit Yosemite. Is it fair to turn those people away at the gates do to overcrowding? Overcrowding is a real problem, and Tom wants to encourage more people to come to do recreational activities which can be done many other places. California has an abundance of wonderful rivers to float on, and even many bike paths, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. In the past, many families spent entire vacations in Yosemite Park, which is wonderful, if only overcrowding weren't such a problem. So, who do you turn away?

"Public Use, Resort and Recreation" was supposedly the intended use of the National Parks, when they were established, but times change, people change. Seems, those rightist anti-environmental conservatives would like to see no changes, keep everything exactly as the 'politicians-of-old' decided it should be. Reminds me of the desire to keep the antiquated Electoral College because that is what the Founding Fathers, in their time, thought was best. Keep up with the times for gosh sakes! I wonder if a McDonalds in the valley would make McClown happy, too.

Jerry Fueslein