Union Democrat staff

Athletics prioritized before academics

To the Editor:

It's nice to know that Summerville High has the money to improve their sports facilities, which the voters so generously approved. I'm just not sure though if we are talking about $4 million or $8 million, or will it be $11.2 million as Brenna Swift's reporting seems to suggest. But who cares? It's only money, and sports is fun.

Is it too late to ask a question? I just would like to get assurance from the Summerville's Board of Education that everything else at the school besides the sports facilities is up to spiff. Are the students' math skills top notch? Do the boys and girls know the basics of economics? Can they understand, maybe even speak, a language other than their own? You know those kind of things that might come in handy when it's time for them to find a job? Or is the objective just to prepare them for careers in football, baseball or other sports? Or just have fun while at school?

As nice as it might be to read one day that a Summerville alum was hired by a famous sports team, I'd rather prefer one of the local students would become a contributor to something great, like a breakthrough in the scientific area. Like how to counteract the effects of global warming - ahh, stupid me! There is no such thing as global warming. Science is plain wrong; who needs it?

Klaus Kraemer


Good stuff from new TUD board

To the Editor:

I think the newly elected TUD board members are doing precisely what we voted them into office for: Cut expenses and get the TUD finances on the right track. It is very hard work on the part of TUD staff and the board and we thank you! It appears we may actually get a real balanced budget and stop this "chasing cash flow" mentality. Some may not like it but we need to do it. I also thank them for joining forces with the city, county government and other stakeholders in establishing an ad-hoc water task force to get the attention of our behemoth State Water Board along with state and local elected officials. They need to "get it" that one of Tuolumne County's biggest issues is water. How to get it, how to keep it, and how to keep the rates reasonable for the customers. Utilizing all our resources equals power in numbers and by standing together we will get more accomplished. Excellent idea to work with local planning and building boards as well as developers and homeowners to do a review of connection fees.

That action is smart and educated. It appears they need to be updated and it is the only way to see if they are fair and balanced for our community. I as well as others think we have a number of good things happening. As an example, Congressman Jeff Denham, R-Modesto, has proposed new legislation on storage at New Melones called HR 2554. The request by the TUD board to review our rights to water from New Melones prompted the April 9, 2013 TUD board letter and looks like it was the impetus for that legislation. Another piece of the "good stuff' from the TUD board we deserve to see more of in this paper.

Mary McHugh

Twain Harte