Union Democrat staff

Water board mismanagement

To the Editor:

The Tuolumne Utility District board is doing something that, if not illegal, is definitely unethical. They have held two public meetings so far in order to find a way to give $400,000 of our tax or fee revenues to their friends. This is being orchestrated behind the scenes by a familiar group of good ole boys.

I would strongly recommend that before the TUD board makes another move, ask legal counsel to join the public and the board at its next meeting. Let us talk over how four guys can give away so much of our money. Granted, only a fraction of the money that the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors have given away, but maybe this is only the start for this TUD board.

Also, counsel should rule as to the board's decision to appoint a third party to investigate fees, TUD staff, rates, etc. Is that not the dictate from the electorate to the TUD board? I see nothing but more high jinx coming from another puppet group.

Now here is the scam portion of this whole soiled affair. The board feels its job is to stimulate development and create jobs. Perhaps the TUD board should take a moment to review their "Statement of Purpose, Goals, and Objectives Policy." I find nothing in this document that mandates anything other than delivering a product of good quality to those of us who pay for that product.

There is so much more to all this, but folks it is long past the time you really start paying attention. These people are having a ball with our money.

Extra Credit - Mr. Pedro, you have no money for a fair contract, so where are you getting money to pay back the millions you took from our Transportation Mitigation Fund?

Domenic Torchia