Union Democrat staff

Grieving family offers thanks

To the Editor:

On July 1, we lost our loved one Chrissy Adrian, as a lightning storm struck our camp at Baker Campground.

We would like to thank the camp hosts and campers who came to her aid. We'd especially like to thank the man who performed C.P.R. until relieved. All of you were amazing.

Thanks also to the U.S. Forest Service crew from Brightman Station and the Pinecrest Fire protection crew who worked so hard trying to revive her. While their efforts were unsuccessful, we applaud their professionalism. Special thanks to the two Pinecrest crewmen who comforted her daughter and grandson. Your compassion and selfless actions greatly assuaged the grief and horror of the day.

That all these people came running to help while the storm that struck our camp continued unabated, well, that says it all.

Her family and friends have taken solace in the knowledge that Chrissy died doing what she loved in a place she loved being with those she loved.

Russell Loberg


TUD should change meeting times

To the Editor:

I am writing to encourage the TUD Board of Directors to change its meeting times to the evening to accommodate participation by the greatest number of customers. TUD is a public agency and the TUD board serves at the pleasure of the public. The board should make itself accessible to the people it serves. Meetings during working hours inherently exclude much of the electorate and made the agency less transparent and the board less accountable. A board that represents "the working class" should hold meetings at times when "the working class" can attend.

Art Hewitt


Board should meet at convenient time

To the Editor:

The current time of TUD meetings are inconvenient for the working public. A recent survey ordered by this board focused on changing the meeting time has been sent out, and this board of directors will hopefully act immediately on the survey results. The board must respect the voting majority and take action in the next meeting following receipt of the survey results.

Guy Holmes


Concerned with America's future

To the Editor:

I know that my opinion does not matter! I have become a member of the majority in this country whose fundamental beliefs are no longer to be honored. Those values that we have all shared since our founding are now being torn asunder so that a new set of untested standards may prevail in the name of equality and fairness, historically the ruse of socialism.

A majority who believe in God, traditional marriage and family, citizenship, limited government, the Constitution and free enterprise are no longer to be the guiding force in government. In their place, a small cadre of officials and their followers push an agenda of atheism, homosexuality, open borders, centralized control, globalism, and lawlessness, all in the name of transforming America as we know it. In other words, destroying our very way of life.

To achieve their ideological ends, chaos is encouraged to disillusion and dishearten the majority of citizens. Laws, regulations, and other official acts are accomplished without the majority's approval. Examples include the Affordable Care Act, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, non-citizen voting, unilateral nuclear disarmament, partisan IRS enforcement, and illegal presidential recess appointments, to name just a few.

When such a government no longer represents the majority, we may withdraw our consent to be governed. Without our consent, the state is no longer legitimate and may be removed. We must personally resist all efforts at compromising our shared ideals in the name of political expediency by and for the self-interested. The future of America and our children require no less.

Randy Meyer