Union Democrat staff

Knowledge will protect freedom

To the Editor:

In regards to Jim Hassay's letter from June 20: In trying to besmirch the Tea Party, you have exposed your lack of knowledge.

The Tea Party did not "dupe" anyone. In their freedom to dissent, they called on thinking people to support them in an effort to restore the rights of the people, smaller government, and a budget that does not run into the red, and general reform.

What was obtained was a president that somehow feels he is a monarch. One who has installed a cabinet full of "tax cheats," personal friends, people who have no honor (Benghazi lies) and financial supporters who took office as a payback. These came without apology and are the worst of the worst!

A little history lesson from the biography of D. Bonhoeffer: Jan. 1933 Hitler became Reich-Chancellor; shortly after, the Reichstag was burned opening the way for Hindenburg's "Enabling Act" which put "restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press, on the rights of assembly and association, and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications, and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed."

With the tools of democracy, democracy was murdered and lawlessness made 'legal.' Raw power ruled, and its only real goal was to destroy all powers besides itself."

Wake up America, knowledge of the facts will protect your freedom!

Connie Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Unemployment figures are phony

To the Editor:

I recently saw in the Modesto newspaper how the unemployment rate is dropping, as reported by the state. These are always such phony numbers the people run out of benefits or leave the state so the numbers go down. What about the people on welfare, are they included? They are unemployed, what about small business owners, partnerships sole proprietors who lost their businesses, they do not get benefits so they do not count. What about people who have turned 18 looking for work but could not find anything, they do not count.

I call upon the government to report the truth for once. What is the real unemployment rate? What is the welfare rate? Is it going up or down? How does the rate per capita for California compare to other states? How many people have been on welfare for more than a year, three years, five years. Why is it these numbers are never reported?

Another recent article said that despite popular belief the population of California is growing. The question is are the people making this growth employed?

John Powell


Tuolumne jubilee board offers thanks

To the Editor,

The Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee Board and committee wishes to thank everyone who attended, participated in the activities, or were just a spectator at the 64th Annual Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee. This event could not be held without the donations, support and assistance from our wonderful community. Plans are now underway for the 65th Annual Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee to be held in June of 2014. If you would like to help, please contact one of our board members. Thank you again to everyone!

Troy Barajas, Janet Barton, Jaylene Bullock, Kathy Joice and Cindy Rhorer

Tuolumne Lumber Jubilee Board

Board meeting times inconvenient

To the Editor:

It is an inconvenience for the working people to have to try and make the TUD board meetings at their current time. The board is supposed to be there for the ratepayers. We shouldn't have to be taking time off of work, whether its vacation or sick leave. That's not helping the ratepayers financially.

Louis Paz


Show goes on at Sierra Repertory

To the Editor:

I recently attended "Six Dance Lessons In Six Days" at S.R.T. in East Sonora. Before the show began the audience was told that the male lead actor had to leave the show due to a family emergency and he would not be returning and the Director and Choreographer, Scott Viets, would be playing the very complicated part of a most unusual dance instructor.

Since it was a last minute decision, Scott had to read from his script. As the story developed we all forgot that he had to glance at his lines. Scott received a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the show. He proved that the tradition, "the show must go on" is alive and well. Thank you Scott, and S.R.T. for a great show!

Marcie Wells