Union Democrat staff

Thank you TUD for a quick fix

To the Editor:

At 3 p.m. Thursday, June 13, a huge hole opened up in our driveway. It opened up just as one of our staff drove over the top and his front end fell in. Her front bumper caught the edge of the asphalt keeping her car from falling head first into the hole. The hole was about 40 x 25 x 15 feet deep.

A telephone call to Tuolumne Utilities District bought Regan with the water company. Within an hour, Doug with TUD arrived with his crew. Work started within an hour and by 2 a.m. Friday morning the hole was repaired. TUD's crew did the job. They found the leak at the 15 foot bottom, repaired it and filled the hole with a top of asphalt. Sheri from TUD even stopped by after dark Thursday night to assure us that everything would be done if possible to get us ready for the Saturday, June 15 wedding.

Congratulations to TUD and their wonderful staff for fixing an unfortunate problem. Friday the wedding party started arriving for their big weekend not having any idea what they were driving over.

Thank you TUD and staff!

Don Stutzman

Union Hill Inn


Grateful for foothills firefighters

To the Editor:

The Sardella ranch would like to express our extreme gratitude for protecting our animals and property during the Murphys fire. The response was immediate and gave us a sense of security knowing crews and trucks were staged at our structures if needed.

Consideration was taken to preserve valuable cattle feed by limiting the traffic to one track to the fire line. The crews stayed for a week to insure the fire did not reignite. They were very courteous in opening and closing gates along with driving slowly through our house and barn area.

Tuolumne and Calaveras counties are fortunate to have such qualified fire protection services. Our sincere thanks to all fire districts, agencies and crew members involved.

Mike Sardella