Union Democrat staff

Conservatives duped by Tea Party

To the Editor:

Well Tea Partiers, you've been duped. Just like the original Tea Partiers you didn't get what you voted for did you? You voted for reform, cutting spending, smaller government, etc. Just what did you get?

Just like the originals who dressed like Indians to hide their identity your Tea Partiers dressed in sheep's clothing and once they were elected you got something else, didn't you?

Here's what you got: A bunch of do-nothings who can't pass a bill. Voted 30 plus times to stop the ACA. Deny health care to over 30 million Americans. Restrict voting rights. Invade womens' personal health care. Deny legislation on gun control and immigration. And just this week passed an unconstitutional law against women. Voted into office the most vile, disgusting, lying people I've seen in 50 years following our government. Where's a Nixon when you need him?

An example: Your presidential guru, Regan and his best six words spoken by him, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." The only thing he accomplished was to move it to Arizona, etc. Go figure! These Republicans can't even distinguish between rape and normal pregnancy. Sorry ladies!

Oh, and by the way, the IRS was doing their job as was the NSA. Remember Mr. George W? Oh, and the person who thinks the U.S. is going to be sold, moved to Alaska and to be part of Russia? Have a nice day! Remember, when you get a SS card and file an income tax return the government knows everything they need to know.

Jim Hassay


'Citizens' want laws followed

To the Editor:

Regarding the article" 'Citizens' sue to block Columbia apartments" June 17th.

Citizens for Responsible Growth (CFRG), has only filed one similar lawsuit in 2007 against the City of Sonora for not providing a complete environmental impact review of combined projects. CFRG has not, "filed similar lawsuits to slow development projects in the past", as written. Everywhere in California,CEQA law applies to development and growth projects and the developers are required to plan for a comprehensive review of projects especially when the public submits opposition.

Lawsuits are not filed to slow development as also stated. The intention of the suit is to reduce impacts through mitigation measures and to provide a number of options to the development plan according to the community's needs and wishes. Essentially, our lawsuit asks for compliance with CEQA law, (California Environmental Quality Act), which is established protection for the citizens who must live every day with the impacts caused by development projects in their communities.

Barbara Farkas