Union Democrat staff

Changing borders predicted for 2069

To the Editor:

The U.S. will go bankrupt in 2069 and sell the Southwestern part of the U.S. to Mexico.

My home state of Minnesota will join Canada along with many mid-west states. Most "red" states will combine to form a new Confederacy. Northern California will join

Oregon and Washington to form Pacific States of America. The southern border will be just South of Santa Barbara. China will own most of Silicone Valley corporations plus many in Portland and Seattle and will also keep Mexico from violating this border. New England states and Washington D.C. will continue to be called U.S.A. The southwestern section will witness drug cartel violence and Mexican work stoppages for almost a decade before the U.S. Senate approves the sale.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Get the donkeys out of the corral

To the Editor:

Surely Daniel Connell's letter on May 21, was a "plant" just to get people like to me to come out of the woodwork in protest of such an ill-informed letter.

How is it that you can believe that our Ambassador went to Benghazi of "his own volition?" He was a career diplomat who went, expecting support and respect by his representative nation. This, he apparently did not have...all the way to the White House.

You, Daniel, need to pay close attention to the facts and responses that emerge from the IRS targeting scandal. Even now, those responsible for the "profiling" are scrambling to keep from being thrown under the bus.

It is also incumbent on you to watch carefully as some of your freedoms as an American begin to disappear!

The big "I' word is becoming important...Impeachment!

It's impeachment time in the old corral, and I'm not talking about horses. I'm talking about donkeys!

Jim Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Declining the board's invitation

To the Editor:

An open letter to the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors:

I just received an invitation to a luncheon honoring me and the other area planning commissioners who volunteer to be the link between our neighbors and the Board of Supervisors. I decline the invitation.

Area planning commissions have existed since 1989. These are the meetings where area residents can find out about proposed changes, receive feedback for projects they may want to propose, and voice concerns about planning proposals.

The Board of Supervisors disbanded our commissions under the guise of saving money. The seven member Tuolumne County Planning Commission will now take over the work of the eighteen community volunteers who served on the disbanded commissions. Former supervisor, Dick Pland pointed out that this will not save the county money because the seven member commission gets paid. We will now have one commission being paid to meet about planning issues for the whole county.

A recent example of what Tuolumne County planning may look like in the future is the Board of Supervisors overruling of the Columbia Planning Commission's 5-0 No vote on the proposed 80 unit apartment complex at the Pedro Y. The only recourse left for Columbia citizens who oppose this ruling is a lawsuit.

Thank you Dick Pland and John Gray for speaking up.

Patricia Elliott,

South Tuolumne County Planning Commissioner