Union Democrat staff

Memorial Day is for remembering

To the Editor:

While attending the traditional Memorial Day service (May 30) at the Tuolumne cemetery, it occurred to me, that the action by the United States Congress in the early 1970s created a new host of problems with which we are faced with ever since.

A three-day weekend obscures the meaning of Memorial Day by calling it the beginning of summer, thinking of camping, fishing and having a picnic (see "Seen and Heard" on Page A6 of The Union Democrat, May 24). Who would cut short a three-day weekend in order to attend a Memorial Day service? Who would honor those who have given their lives in order that we can enjoy our freedom today, freedom of speech, freedom to congregate under political or religious causes and yes, the freedom to belittle those, who still come to a Memorial Day service? Most of those attending the Memorial Day service in Tuolumne were veterans and their families. And what a joy, no politicians were present to speak pleasantries. Only those who had served addressed the assembled crowd.

The Union Democrat of Friday May 24, did put on their front page the stories of two veterans to died in the service to their country but put the list of Memorial Day services in the county on the back page.

Peter Jelito,

U.S. Navy, 1960 to 1964


Shadow cast on FFA banquet

To the Editor:

I attended the Sonora FFA awards banquet and dinner Sunday night at the fairgrounds, and what should have been a joyous celebration of the past year, was a very emotional evening for all who attended.

It is a shame that not one Sonora High School board member attended, nor the superintendent, as they would have seen all that these FFA members accomplished this past year; the speaking skills they have mastered, the respect and comradeship between the ag students and their teacher (Stan Kellogg). They would have seen tears and hugs between the students and their advisor and his wife, Rachelle, referred to as "mom." They would have seen a slide show of the startup of the ag farm, with students and their parents working side by side with Mr. Kellogg.

Stan Kellogg has been removed as the students' teacher and FFA advisor with no explanation. This teacher must have seen the slide show prior to the banquet, because his "vision" for the farm is everything that is one the slide show! As I gave Stan's wife a tearful hug goodbye that evening, her words to me were, "This is not fair, this is not right." That is an understatement.

Mr. Kellogg has been removed from his position after 25 years experience in teaching ag classes. Yes, this is very definitely not right, nor fair to all involved, especially the students, and should be investigated.

Shelley Truelock