Union Democrat staff

Can't blame everything on President Obama

To the Editor:

Paranoia: "Insanity marked by delusions of grandeur or persecution." It seems that this definition pretty well explains the hysterical attacks against President Obama by Republicans. For the sake of accuracy let us recall that our ambassador to Libya went to Benghazi on his own volition where he was killed in the line of duty. His death was not the first killing of one our diplomats nor will it be the last. And let us also note that the host country of foreign diplomats is supposedly responsible for their safety.

Readers, imagine yourselves as IRS auditors. If a Tea Party group requests tax-exempt status do you really think its activities would be exclusively for charitable purposes and not primarily for political action? Perhaps all of us might benefit from what John Adams said in 1770 while defending the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre: "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination,or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."

Daniel Connell


TUD discrepancies: What's the real water situation?

To the Editor:

I attended the TUD board meeting on May 14th. Item No. 10 on the agenda was "Discussion and action Regarding a Proposal to Generate New Customers and Revenue through a Temporary Reduction in Connection/Capacity Fees Charged". A gentleman asked the board if their was enough water available.

Board President, Mike Sarno, told us "We have plenty of water." On the front page of The Union Democrat, that same day, in the article titled "Pinecrest Lake: TUD wants customers to pressure state board" by Chris Caskey, Mr. Sarno is quoted as saying "The community has to realize that we're fighting for them,and we want to fight with them to secure their natural resources.They want us to pressure the California State Water Board to reconsider a regulation that sets Pinecrest Lake water level at 5,608. Why were we told at the meeting that we have plenty of water to satisfy new development and asked to send this form letter requesting a reconsideration? Which is it Mr.Sarno, do we have the water or not?

Jerry South