Union Democrat staff

Tragic dog death was preventable

To the Editor:

Who was to blame for this Rottweiler dying?

This poor Rottweiler died because his master didn't take the responsibility of keeping the dog safe. Now the dog was in the house, by the TV when the officer walked up to the door. It was open, then the CHP officer, who was answering a complaint call, the officer said "Hello." When he saw the dog by the TV before he knew it the Rottweiler came charging at him, as he backed up, he had no choice but to shoot the dog.

Now if the owner took responsibility, this would never happen.

He could have gone to Lowe's hardware and purchased a security door. This would keep the dog safe and the dog would never have been shot.

Now I can tell you, that in the last 20 years I had two Rottweiler, my Rottweiler weighed 160 pounds. When I played with my dog, she would run up to me and jump on me. It was like a football linebacker hitting me. Yes I was on my butt.

Now if one of my Rottweilers at 160 pounds would hit the officer she would knock him down and would be on top of him before he would know it.

The officer would be lucky in he would be in the hospital. Now say that it was an 8-year-old child, the dog would have killed the child.

Now tell me who was to blame for this dog being shot. Not the CHP officer, the dog owner.

Jean Baudizzon


Do all drivers get a free pass?

To the Editor:

I did not know that I could get a free pass if I killed a pedestrian although I was going too fast and was fiddling with my stereo and later another free pass if I rear ended another driver while fiddling with my cell phone.

Or was the "no charge" because of "name recognition?" Can I expect to get a free pass, too, if I kill someone? Let it be known: My name is pretty ordinary.

Klaus Kraemer


Cemetery care not up to par

To the Editor:

What a shame it is to have our loved ones buried in Mountain Shadow Cemetery. Mother's Day weekend I saw lots of people putting flowers on their mothers' graves, as well as other loved ones. The grounds are terrible, the grass and weeds are tall and dry. The lower and outer part it the worst.

I've offered to get volunteers to help as I know the city doesn't have enough help or money. It was denied because of liability. I ask about trustees helping, same answer, yet I stopped and talked to one who cleaning around the headstones. It's starting to look like no cares. Some graves have even sunken in. Others need filling in.

My grandson was buried one year ago next month and the squares of grass are still not filled in. Seems like this type of coverage should not be used. There is a blanket of grass used by a different funeral home so that is so much nicer but who would know until it's too late. I've even talked to a councilman. Where do I go for help now?

Something really needs to be done.

Connie Perry