Union Democrat staff

County using sleight of hand on Pedro Y

To the Editor:

Prepare for big TUD rate hikes and saying "stuck in traffic at the Pedro T!" A highly evaluated planning decision was ignored by our Supervisors (who recently disbanded our Planning Commissions, because who needs to hear from the community when your mind is already made up?)

For the record some very troubling points were brought to light by the public: Our Tuolumne County Legal Counsel blatantly ignored "piecemeal" concerns requiring an environmental impact report. Because this is phase one for a strip mall at the Pedro Y, the law requires an EIR be done. Counsel's sleight of hand saying there was no 'current' application apparently disregards the law.

Staff also quietly stated this project will force redirecting traffic at the Pedro Y, eliminating the "shortcut" from 49 westbound to Parrotts Ferry. This will turn the "Y" into a "T" with massive backups during busy commute hours.

Brown Act regulations may have been side-slipped by closing public comment and then rejecting further input from citizens and their legal counsel. A letter from an attorney for the opposition was not allowed and the public was given the impression they had no chance to speak, save for comments "generously" allowed at the 11th hour.

Please voice your concerns about true representation and developers paying their fair share!

Demand an EIR as required by law and decency.

Demand our 'leaders' show integrity.

Examine www.stonewoodsonora.com! Last I looked, this site is already built, with color photographs including a dock along a lake. No disclaimer to the public, just the old 'bait and switch' tactics we should all be very wary of.

Richard Haratani


Turnabout fair play in profiling game

To the Editor:

Profiling - the act of suspecting or targeting a person on the basis of observed characteristics or behavior.

Well it looks like the Tea Party extremists may have finally caught on to how unfair and prejudicial profiling is. For years they have mocked the TSA, NSA, and every other group who they want to stop any person of color for a full body cavity search. At the same time they insist that these same government security groups just wave through the puffy white folks who they know are just fine.

But let the IRS do the profiling and these extremists are all up in arms. Think about it, if Arabs are automatically the terrorist suspects, Hispanics are illegals, etc.,why wouldn't those who continually call for "starving the beast," not be more apt to be tax cheats? Those who hold up as their icon, "Islamo Fascist" Grover Norquist, are hands down those most likely to hold back paying their taxes.

"The president needs to make crystal clear that this (profiling) is totally unacceptable in America." Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

I must agree with Senator Collins and urge my President to make it crystal clear that all profiling, by any government agency or employee, should not be tolerated in a free society such as America.

Domenic Torchia