Union Democrat staff

In support of Dennis Gervin

To the Editor:

We are living in difficult times and each day we see and hear things on TV and the news that we can't believe can really be happening! One case in point is the recent turmoil at Columbia College against their President, Dennis Gervin. His peers like and respect him and are concerned. How can this happen and will they be next?

President Gervin has had a long career working with the district that includes Modesto Junior and Columbia Junior College. He is extremely bright, earned his PhD., and is very ambitious! In his 18 years with the district, he has worked on both campuses. He has worked his way up to his present position as the Columbia College president. Never one to create problems, he was there to help solve them.

My husband, Gene and I have known Dennis, his wife and their family for many years. We consider it an honor to know them and consider them friends. He is a moral, decent person, that has a heart and concern for others. The type of person, that you as parents should want to be involved in the education of your young adults.

Parents, pay attention, our youth are our future and they need and deserve only the best!

JoAnne Reed

Mi-Wuk Village

The American empire is crumbling

To the Editor:

No power or principality (see St. Paul) has for long held the world dominion of Western life in its grip before it had to relinquish its hold and pass into the oblivion of the dustbin of history.

Neither the Greeks, the Romans, the Universal Church nor the British Monarchy have been able to withstand the force of opposition of a people mobilized and organized to overthrow the yoke of tyranny. The British Empire was at the zenith of its power, less than 10 years later was confronted by British-American colonists rising up in unions to throw off the shackles of British imperialism.

Despite the fact it was said "the Sun never set on the British Empire." Today, American society is placing the final bricks in their wall to galvanize an empire only dreamed of by our more ambitious founders over 200 years ago.

Conquest in this century by the power of the dollar, based upon the Bretton Woods Agreement, established at the time of the United Nations immediately after World War II, was intended from the very start to replaced the English Pound Sterling with the dollar of our own Federal Reserve Bank - dictated by financiers of Wall Street while governed by layers of statutes poured out of Washington. This nation does not need policy governing the world overseas, but an overhaul of our social institutions and domestic economy before we lose the entire game.

Tim K. Fitzgerald