Union Democrat staff

Board needs to be more transparent

To the Editor:

Bob Ragan's letter regarding the Union Hill apartment complex proposal ends with a very important point. Because the Board of Supervisors' meetings are scheduled for 1:30 p.m. "quite a few Columbia residents (and other citizens) that would like to speak" about the 80 unit complex will be unable to because they work.

The board is conducting public business. There is no possible justification whatsoever for not holding board meetings at a time when they can be conveniently attended by the public. The board recently eliminated the local planning advisory committees that frequently met in the evenings when citizens could attend and be heard. A further step back from transparency, today's buzz word. It is both arrogant and elitist to convene public meetings at a time when the public can't attend; not in the spirit of a representative local government at all. For shame, Supervisors! Even the Columbia Union School District holds its meetings in the evening.

J. W. Mullally


A fond farewell for Sonora Bridal

To the Editor:

We need to thank Evelyn Mainguth, her family and staff for keeping Sonora Bridal Boutique available to our community for over 20 years. They have supplied us with clothing for weddings, proms, special events of all kinds, and if they were unable to provide it they referred you to location that had that special item. The hours her staff and she have worked to make that certain piece of clothing look just right has made more than one family grateful.

We hope Evelyn now will have more time to enjoy her passion of ballroom dancing competition. We look forward to seeing you there Evelyn.

Ginny Van Bolt