Union Democrat staff

In support of the 'Mural in a Day'

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the article "Mural in a Day" (April 9) regarding the mural that was approved to honor "Ed the Flower Guy" who graced our Farmer's Market for several years. The lone opponent, Joe Sparagna, says "We are not famous for our agriculture."

If logic serves me correctly, were it not for agriculture, there would be no Farmers' Markets in our county. Also, I would like to quote one sentence from the 2011 Tuolumne County Annual Crop and Livestock Report prepared by the Agricultural Commissioner's Office. It states: "The value of agriculture commodities produced in Tuolumne County in 2011 is estimated at $29,238,000". The entire Crop and Livestock Report is available at the Agricultural Commissioner's Office. I hope Mr. Sparagna will obtain a copy and take the time to see why agriculture is vital to the economy of Tuolumne County.

Terri Arington


In defense of Summerville High

To the Editor:

I am a senior at Summerville High. I am writing this letter in regards to the alleged "bullying problem" at Summerville High School. I cannot and am not attempting to speak in regards to the specific situation involving Beto Dieste. I only know what I have heard secondhand from that incident and believe that is best left to the parties involved. However, from that issue have come accusations that there is an unhealthy atmosphere among the students at Summerville, nothing could be further from the truth.

I have attended Summerville for all four years of high school and have never witnessed bullying take place. It is a very small school and all of the students are very close and look after one another. I have never felt for a single second that I was in an unfriendly atmosphere at school. People have their discrepancies but those are small and are always well addressed and given the proper amount of attention by the administration. I have spoken to a variety of students in my different classes, and many of them are upset over the situation. Students have expressed complaints stating that our school has been misrepresented and have defended the character of those at our school. I have heard and read comments from previous Summerville students saying that the school was always a friendly place when they were enrolled and I would like to let them know that nothing has changed. I write this letter only to defend the reputation of the respectful student body and administration at Summerville High and hope that recent events do not turn the community against this great school.

Erica Taylor


Union Hill apartment complex ill-advised

To the Editor:

My comments are in regard to the proposed 80 unit apartment complex on the north side of Union Hill Road, where it intersects with Parrotts Ferry Road.

The proposal by the developer also includes a clubhouse, swimming pool and detached garages. To crowd all of this into the lot requires a zoning change.

Besides a zoning change there are a multitude of other issues that concern Columbia residents. The Columbia Planning Commission has publicly expressed their views, which reflect the concerns of Columbia residents. This was printed in The Union Democrat recently. At this time, a big concern of mine is that since the Board of Supervisors meeting relating to the developer's proposal is scheduled for April 16 at 1:30 p.m., quite a few Columbia residents (and other citizens) that would like to speak their minds about be unable to because of work. A more appropriate time would be in the evening, when we could attend.

Bob Ragan