Union Democrat staff

Displeased with eyesores in Sonora

To the Editor:

Oh! Happy days! Kudos to the Stewart family and thanks to Lowe's for covering the graffiti on the "Sawdust Burner." My son doesn't have to listen to my rant any longer. These burners were very common once, but not many remain today.

The Stewart Street site is cleaned up and the Bombay property has made progress. On the Sonora Inn damage, I am sorry to read, Caltrans is having difficulty in being timely on their part. How many years has the signal post been bent over?

My rant for today is the view you get coming into town on Stockton Road. As you drive through the last cut and see the steeple of St. Patrick's you no longer see the dome of the courthouse. The bull pines on the south side of Wood's Creek have leaned over and are now blocking the view. Maybe some of these trees are hazards and should come down.

My point is we have a beautiful county and we need to keep care of it.

Jon Rodgers


Fashionable violence cause for concern

To the Editor:

Perhaps I can streamline a questionnaire that would help governmental agencies decide who is a high risk gun buyer.

Answer these:

1) Do you hate the administrators, teachers and students at a particular school?

2) How many movies and television programs do you watch every year that glorify violence and offer murder as the solution to any problem?

3) Do you spend forty or more hours every week by yourself in your room playing video games in which you are entertained by brutality, violence and a disrespect for life? Is your success determined by the number of victims you murdered?

4) Is your life governed by a moral code, or are you guided by a philosophy of "Me first, and I'll do whatever I want."

5) Have your parents ever told you "No?"

A.M. Rosenthal, editorializing in The New York Times, wrote "Now we live in a cultural nuthouse, a mad world of blood, torture and murder that surrounds us in the movies and follows us home when we turn on TV 'entertainment.' … Violence made fashionable in the cause of a buck is unworthy of people of talent. Aren't those who do that becoming ashamed of themselves? Haven't they discovered that ketchup can become blood?" He wrote that on May 5, 1992. Almost 21 years have passed since Mr. Rosenthal asked the questions. Have you seen much shame demonstrated by Hollywood producers?

We reap what we sow.

Martin Nedom