Union Democrat staff

Political cartoon wasn't very funny

To the Editor:

Re: Political cartoon March 6.

Clever attempt by left wing political cartoonist Lee Judge, minimizing the Benghazi atrocity. One life lost to war, terrorist attacks or any form of violence is one life too many. Benghazi is not only about the four Americans, who did not have to die at the hands of murderous fanatics, it is about the failure of the U.S. President and State Department to answer their plea for help! The incident has been played out in real-time videos seen around the world. We had an "absent" president who will not account for his time while a U.S. consulate was under attack. A Secretary of State who brazenly uttered the now infamous comment she made at the Congressional Hearings, "What difference does it make?" - referencing the whole affair. As an American I am ashamed of the callous attitude our "leaders" project.

From my point of view, Judge does a disservice to those 4,000 who died in Iraq. The ancient tradition of men and women who choose a military career carries the burden of ultimate sacrifice. Their memory does not belong in a political cartoon in order to elevate an administration that turns its back on those citizens who had every assurance of safety. By the way, there are some 30 survivors of the massacre who are still being treated in D.C. hospitals. I am glad to know that there are Congressmen and Senators who are not willing to let the Benghazi massacre fade away. So, Mr. Judge, I am one small voice, but I will use it to counter your left-wing propaganda whenever and wherever I can.

Grace M. Alvarez

Twain Harte

Dedicated volunteer, Bird, will be missed

To the Editor:

This past Monday Sonora lost a dedicated pioneer and volunteer. For more than 12 years Lurline Bird worked alongside me at Sonora Community Hospital. She headed the volunteer auxiliary program LIFELINE. This service was made available to many individuals in Tuolumne County. She worked often around to clock with her installers and support staff to provide this life-saving service to the community. At each volunteer celebration Lurline appeared to have the highest number of volunteers among the dozens upon dozens of other very active staff. She was an inspiration to us all. She spoke cheerfully to all. She loved her family and co-workers. We will all miss her talents.

Paul Tharp

Asheville, N.C.

Former Director of Marketing at Sonora Community Hospital