Union Democrat staff

Multiple sclerosis awareness matters

To the Editor:

March 11-17 is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week in California. During this important week, we'd like to reach out to the people of Tuolumne County to make them aware of Multiple Sclerosis and how it has an effect on many citizens in this community.

Affecting more than 100 individuals in Tuolumne County and 12,113 in Northern California, MS probably touches many more members in our community than we are aware of. Those numbers are only the individuals who are diagnosed and registered with their local MS Society chapter. The California chapter of the MS Society serves more than 84,000 people with services, education and resources.

Mothers/fathers, wives/husbands, sisters/brothers are challenged by MS' debilitating effects and its unpredictable future. Once active, vibrant people, they learn to explore and enhance new opportunities for daily living and recreation. In the past few years, children as young as 4 years old have been diagnosed with MS and pediatric MS has come to the forefront, with several Pediatric MS centers around the country. All these individuals have learned that life doesn't end with the words, "you have MS."

The National MS society provides information, services and support to help those who are affected by MS and raises funds to help them find a cure. Participation in walks and bicycle rides raise money for research, services and education. There is also a MS self-help group facilitated by Steve and Gloria Lucas (GS4MS@sbcglobal.net) that meets monthly and allows people with MS to meet others and share their thoughts, feelings and resources. They meet on the third Saturday of each month at the Tuolumne County Senior Center, at 540 Greenley Road, Sonora.

Please look for individuals wearing MS orange scarves, ties, T-shirts, etc. to commemorate MS Awareness Week.

Lauren G. Hoffman


Daylight savings: An asinine practice

To the Editor:

Hey, how do you like gaining an hour every morning, or did we lose an hour? Maybe I should use that extra hour (whenever it is) to reset my dozen or more clocks (and don't forget the car clock)! I ask you, what are we gaining by fooling with Mother Nature, or is it Father Time? So, we lose an hour in the morning to gain an hour in the evening, couldn't we just get up an hour earlier if desired?

California is sandwiched between two sensible states, Arizona and Hawaii, which don't change their clocks. If California also didn't change time, we would have a block which in time might expand to the whole country. Yaa!

Who is making the rules anyway - is it a bunch of crazy politicians that we elected? I thought they were supposed to represent U.S., and what we the majority want. I don't believe I know anyone who wants the time changed!

If enough of the 'anti-government' Conservatives (and the Progressives) told their representatives that they don't want the government changing time twice a year, then maybe they would put an end to this foolishness!

Jerry Fueslein