Union Democrat staff

Columbia College wastes more money

To the Editor:

Once again, Columbia College is taking our hard-earned taxes and dumping them into the dust bin. The decision to put College President Dr. Gervin on paid administrative leave for no apparent reason ranks down there with the college's plans to remodel the Manzanita Building to the tune of $10 million dollars. Come on Yosemite Community College District, you can do better than this. Hey, and let's pay this capable man who makes $190,000 per year to stay at home.

This man deserves a reason for his dismissal. Dr. Joan Smith, Chancellor of the College District seems to have a track record of terrible decisions. As it turns out the decision to remodel the Manzanita building was made under her watch when she was President of Columbia College. Dr. Gervin was simply moving forward with Dr. Smith's poor choice as he is her subordinate. Let us save $254,000 per year and dump Dr. Smith.

And why would the College District pay $10 million dollars to revamp just the second floor of a building, the administrative floor, while leaving the first floor, the teaching floor, to remain in tatters?

As I have learned, the plan now calls to kick a student tutoring lab out of the second floor of Manzanita and make that space also available for more administrative offices. Who needs all these administrative offices when Dr. Smith is paying them to stay at home?

The College District must ask itself, is the Manzanita Remodel Project student focused? Nope. From my perspective it is merely a way for administrators to feather their nests while wasting precious public funds.

Tami Grandstaff


Tired of eyesore in downtown Sonora

To the Editor:

When are we going to get that scab off the front of the Sonora Inn? Could we also look into fixing the roof tiles, angle iron corner guard, and straighten up the signal light standard? Or, are we going for the bombed out Baghdad look again this year?

Jon Rodgers