Union Democrat staff

Tired of Obama's scare tactics

To the Editor:

For the last several weeks we have been hearing panic-inducing stories from Washington. Threats of school and public safety reductions, long lines at airport security checkpoints, uninspected meats and produce, and no more medical research can be done. The truth of this "budget cut" is that it is not a cut at all, but rather a reduction of the increase planned for the coming year budget. And the reduction is tiny compared to the size of the overall budget.

Our President is trying to blame Republicans for this whole thing, with him saying we should not be recklessly and thoughtlessly slashing our spending. Again, it is not cutting spending by even one cent, but cutting the size of the increase of our spending. Also, it is the President that demanded these "cuts" in exchange for allowing an increase in taxes for the more wealthy people in this country. Well, he got his increased taxes, and now he is trying to blame Republicans for the reduction in spending increases that he used as a bargaining point.

The President and other politicians are now trying to scare the public about their budget increase reductions. To panic the public, they are lying about the effect of their incompetence and failure to properly do their jobs. Politicians work for, and are paid by us from our taxes. If they can't do a competent job, they should be replaced at the first opportunity.

Alan O'Neill


Still working towards a more perfect union

To the Editor:

The preamble of the Constitution begins with the words, "We the People," except for women, blacks and those under 18. The "well equipped militia" phrase, justifying gun ownership, was rationalized by our revolutionary-era fear of the British and or inability to defend this new nation. There was no professionally trained military, no organized National Guard, nothing but a well-intentioned diverse group of citizens. Since that time, we have fought no battle on home grounds, except for the Civil War, and have created the most awesome, regulated militia the world has ever seen. It is known as the United States Military.

Parenthetically, the first through 10th amendments may be well known and at different times of our history, energetically debated. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments extend rights to people of color. The 17th in now being challenged by several states but ordinary Americans are not really focused on it and frankly do not care about it. Voter fraud has been understood by the well informed as a factual non-issue. The 19th Amendment is in the vein of the 13th, 14th and 15th as they establish women's suffrage and the 26th gives 18-year olds the right to vote.

The point is, we really need too many things as a country. We need to calm down the emotional rhetoric, take a serious look at how we understand America, not for immigrants, but for ourselves, including reading and understanding the history and meaning of the U.S. Constitution. We need to get back to basics: the unfinished goal of completing a more perfect union ensuring domestic tranquility, demanding justice and working together for our general welfare.

Jay Bell