Union Democrat staff

Don't build homes with fire fuel

To the Editor:

Experts say, "Home ignitability, rather than wildland fuels, is the principal cause of home losses" during wildland fires. CDF's California I-Zone spells out the necessity for code changes in home construction. California contractor and author, Leo DuLac, has written the book "Firesafe Homebuilding."

A fuel-reduction program must begin at step one: reduce the fuel-combustibles in the home. Fuel-reduction programs have two thrusts: reduce the wildland fuel and reduce the fuel in the built environment.

How can one think that cutting down a 30-inch diameter tree, standing and green, will protect the same tree from fire when it's milled, laid flat, nailed and greased with a coat of green paint?

Think firesafe: Don't build with fuel!

Bud Hoekstra

San Andreas

GOP is GOSP, Grand Old Stupid Party

To the Editor:

A Republican politician has reportedly labeled his party as "stupid," apparently as a result of the lopsided victory of President Obama over former Governor Mitt Romney. May persons of a liberal persuasion now safely refer to Republicans as members of the GOSP (Grand Old Stupid Party) in place of the GOP, or is that new moniker too burdensome for them to carry? Just asking, that's all.

Ray Mellana


McClin-talk: More emotion than logic

To the Editor,

In reading about Congressman McClintock's recent town hall meeting, I was dismayed, but not surprised at his emotional, sound bite answers to questions that deserve a more thorough analysis. I have heard him speak, so I am familiar with his style.

On funding for the Community Development Block Grant program, which has helped our community with things like getting a new roof for the Police Department, aiding local business in facade upgrades and getting food for the food bank, he wants it cut because it's funded a "doggie day-care center" in Ohio. Using this logic of axing a program because of an abuse, I would have to conclude that Congressman McClintock would be in favor of stopping campaign funding for politicians since Jesse Jackson Jr. just confessed to having abused that system.

This leads into the second snippet of thought that the Congressman expressed concerning the Supreme Court's ruling in the Citizens United case that allowed corporations the rights of an individual citizen, but not necessarily the responsibilities. This threat to our Democracy allows anonymous donations of any size to our "elected" officials. Congressman McClintock had one word for the ruling: "freedom." The freedom for politicians to line their pockets and curry the favor of their supporters over their constituents would be more accurate.

Stefani Reichle