Union Democrat staff

Obama, Mele must uphold the law

To the Editor:

Who should uphold the laws? The President Barack Obama and Sheriff Jim Mele?

"I believe that every law abiding adult citizen has the right to own, possess, use, keep and bear firearms," is what Mr. J. Mele wrote. The Second Amendment gives citizens that right. Now are you asking the Sheriff Mele to step down, no way, he is doing an outstanding job for Tuolumne County.

Now on the other hand, you have a President who took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Now you have a President for the last for years, that did not enforce immigration laws. Not only enforce "immigration laws", took the state of Arizona to court for enforce immigration laws.

Now we have only 11 million illegal criminals, did Mr. Obama have them arrested? No he wants to make these 11 million criminals U.S. citizens. Now why don't you ask the President Obama to step down?

Now Sheriff Jim Mele, did not say that he wouldn't take assault weapons with large clips what he said was, "I believe that every law abiding adult citizen has the right to own, possess, use, keep and bear firearms" is what Mele wrote.

Jean Baudizzon


The AR-15 is a modern day musket

To the Editor:

Re: "Don't need military-style rifles to take down game," Feb. 12.

In the "national conversation" on guns it has become apparent that there is a misconception that the Second Amendment is about deer hunting. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, target shooting, skeet shooting, or any other sports. The intent of the Second Amendment is the individual right to own and possess firearms as a deterrent to enemies and tyrants, both foreign and domestic. It guarantees that "We the People" control our government. With it, we are citizens. Without it, we are subjects.

The other misconception is that "well-regulated militia" refers to regulations on ownership of firearms and military usage. In the context of the Second Amendment "militia" meant individuals, you and I. "Well-regulated" simply referred to the training and practice needed in the choreography of battle of the time.

Another misconception is that the Second Amendment is outdated in that it somehow could only apply to antique muskets. The important point to understand is that muskets were the state-of-the-art battlefield firearm of the time. Today an AR-15 is "our musket."

Mark Schnell


Obama's falsehoods go by unnoticed

To the Editor:

I just finished listening to President Obama's weekly radio address carried on one of our local stations. There are many topics on which my knowledge is fair, but insufficient for me to be confident as critic.

However, today's address was on the threatening "sequester" and it's probable effect on business, the economy and citizens' financial well-being, areas in which I spend my professional career. As a retired person, I devote countless hours observing, studying and researching the effects of state and federal decisions on taxes, business and our economy. Much to my shock and dismay, virtually every single statement the President made in his address was severely distorted or simply untrue. What is so scary is that the President is an eloquent, spellbinding speaker. Unless a listener had enough knowledge regarding the content of his address to recognize fear-inspiring falsehoods, the President would have been completely convincing. Most listeners do not have the education, experience or current awareness in these areas to know the truth. And, there is no rebuttal. So the falsehoods stand.

How dangerous for the country!

George R. Kellerman


Guns help me support my family

To the Editor:

In response to Sheriff Mele's comments, I would like to say "Thank you sir" for standing up and protecting our gun rights.

I have been a waterfowl guide for almost 30 years and my family has been supported by a gun in my hands. I just wish people would wake up and see the overall picture.

Congress is using gun control to distract the public, so they can slide other "hidden agendas" under the table without the people's knowledge. Anti-gun nuts are like an ostrich, they stick their heads in the sand and know not what goes on around them. They need to be educated on what happens to a free country when guns are outlawed. Do they know that in a 1976 article in Fishing & Hunting News it said that where gun confiscation programs had been implemented murder and crime rates rose by as much as 50 percent?

What happens if people start committing crimes with eating utensils? Will the government then force us to eat with our hands? Congress thinks taking guns away from people will keep them from killing. If a person is angry enough to kill, they will kill. And the ban of guns will lead to the loss of other freedoms as well. When will society realize that with everything going on in the world, our police departments being shrinked by budget cuts and our military being depleted for some unnecessary reasons, that it's the people with guns who are going to save this place.?

I was raised with guns and my two boys have been raised with guns. They know what they're for, what they can do and how to use them. It's those who are not properly educated where lies the problem. As they say, "Curiosity killed the cat."

Timmy Lown


Move to Texas, Rick Perry wants you!

To the Editor:

Love it or leave it!

Rick Perry is recruiting!

If you are not happy with the Democratic supermajority that will pass uber gun control in California would be much happier in Texas! Rick Perry wants you! Go for it!

Jim Smith