Union Democrat staff

Protect the Second Amendment

To the Editor:

Regarding Sheriff Mele's letter to President Obama, I was shocked and dismayed for some of the letters not supporting Sheriff Mele's stand on gun laws. How can anyone in their right mind not support the Second Amendment.? The letters I have been reading in The Union Democrat are so out of touch with our state and federal laws. What would these people do if someone armed entered their homes threatening their families lives? I bet they would like to have a gun for defense of their family!

The federal and state governments would like to take all guns away from citizens. Each citizen buying guns has to go through background checks. These are honest law abiding citizens. Most of the crimes involving guns are done by criminals who haven't gone through a background check and probably have a stolen weapon. I support Sheriff Mele for his stance on this important Second Amendment right. He is a sheriff who is standing up for what he believes and feels is best for the citizens of our county. I stand with Sheriff Mele for his determination to support the Second Amendment.

Jerry Morrow

Mi-Wuk Village

Cal Fire ought to refund the fire fee

To the Editor:

We now know that Cal Fire has "stashed" $3.6 million dollars that does not belong to them. My question is: When do we get a refund check for the $150 fire tax that was extorted from us? It appears an "audit" is being conducted, that may take months and further "investigating," which means Gov. Brown is sitting on his hands when he has the power to take the $3.6 million from Cal Fire and return it to the general budget…after he does the right thing and sends refunds to those of us who were literally forced to pay this tax.

I understand the need for Cal Fire to be sufficiently funded, however that is a decision to be made by the state budgeting. It is now obvious that they certainly did not need the fire tax revenue. Our representatives need to light a fire under Gov. Brown and see that we are refunded this money.

Merry S. Creed


Chairs for Charity offers thanks

To the Editor:

Chairs for Charity 2013 is now only a fond memory. Held Saturday, Jan. 26, at the San Andreas Town Hall all in attendance had a good time. A delicious buffet dinner, no-host bar, high-value raffles baskets, live and silent auctions were the order of the evening.

We thank every artist, community group, non-profit entity and individual who entered his or her "creation." The finished items be they benches, chairs, stools, wall hangings, or pictures of chairs left little doubt that hours and hours of time and effort went into each and every entry - we thank you! The students from Oakendell transported all 33 items from the gallery to the town hall and then set up tables and chairs. Our judges had a difficult chore in choosing the items that would go into the live auction - our thanks to them. Our media contacts, ever loyal, ran articles and photos in most every edition through January.

The hosts, Calaveras County Arts Council (CAC) and Soroptimist International of Calaveras County (SICC), are indebted to the unique, laughable auctioneering antics and talents of Mindi Bach during the live auction. Mindi brought interest, levity and fun to the process. A special up to two-week stay in the private home of Ed and Susan Rich in Las Cruces, New Mexico, was a featured live auction item. Thanks to the Rich family.

Artists and community groups benefit financial. Final profits filter right back into the local communities to support programs and projects of SICC and CAC. Special kudos to members of both groups who volunteered or helped in any way.

Chyrl Hillis and

Mary Jane Genochio,

co-chairs of Chairs for Charity