Union Democrat staff

The Wild West is alive and well

To the Editor:

I see that the gun toting residents of our county are rushing to the defense of our Sheriff - the sheriff who declares he only enforces those laws with which he agrees. The Wild West is alive and well in Tuolumne County.

Lloyd Kramer

Twain Harte

Mele is protecting the 2nd Amendment

To the Editor:

In response to Sheriff Mele:

As the chief law enforcement officer in Tuolumne County your oath of office is to preserve, protect and defend the local, state, and federal Constitutions. We are happy to know you will honor your oath by refusing to enforce federal rules, regulations and directives that violate the Constitution of the United States. You, like many other loyal sheriffs, have chosen the high road. Local involvement is imperative in "taking our country back" from the lawlessness we see in the state and federal government.

As you have noted, the federal government is considering ways to attack the right to bear arms, in particular, the "shall not be infringed" clause of the Second Amendment. This would suppress the rights of law abiding citizens to own guns and protect their person and families. It is fact that in areas where the strictest gun control measures are implemented, crime and gun-related deaths rise. The only people that a gun ban law would impact are the law abiding citizens, which would serve to cripple their rights.

The people that complain about your refusal to uphold your oath of office, obviously are hypocritical, saying nothing about the President's total lack of upholding the laws of our land along with a complicit Department of in-Justice, and their complete disregard for our Constitution. Even now, they are planning an end run around our Constitution by using the U.N. Treaty provisions which supercedes our Constitution. Our Federal government is drunk with power!

As the electorate, we expect you to represent our Constitutional rights in the face of an overreaching federal government. We are comforted to know that if you are given an order that violates the Constitution, you honor your oath and will not comply.

Gail Bonavia


Thank you for defending us, Sheriff

To the Editor:

Thank you Sheriff Mele for believing in what our forefathers fought, bled, and died for, standing up for our Constitution, and for your courage. Thanks also for standing up to an administration that has been and is on a power grab.

Tod Ringen

Twain Harte

Changing times are not necessarily good

To the Editor:

In her column published in The Union Democrat on Jan. 31, Froma Harrop stated that people who oppose Obama's agenda could persist, citing religious grounds. Then she wrote "One hopes they move on." In a political cartoon on the same page, Margulies depicts an old lady offering to help the Boy Scouts discard their moral objections to homosexuality. Is she one of Obama's czars? The road sign suggests that the Boy Scouts should change with the times, just as Harrop wrote "The theme here is: Times Change."

Industries that produce video games have marketed Bulletstorm, Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat and Kindergarten Killers, among others, in which morality takes a backseat to violent thrills in which human life is easily expandable. Hollywood producers grind out films like "American Psycho" and "Natural Born Killers." Killing other humans is the way to solve problems. The President and his Attorney General have not taken steps to stop that disgrace. Is it because those industries contribute millions of dollars to their campaigns?

The American Civil Liberties Union works diligently to eradicate the Ten Commandments from our schools and judicial systems. Kill morality. Move on. Times change.

Irate readers expressed indignation because our sheriff pledged to uphold The Constitution. Only a few letters expressed dismay over the fact that morality is being denigrated.

Deranged suicidal killers strike, and the current administration seeks more laws to control law abiding citizens. I propose that we need more attention to morality and fewer laws that violate our Constitution.

Martin Nedom


Random thoughts about guns

To the Editor:

Our Sheriff took a risk recently and shared his thoughts about gun control. Some of us liked what he had to say, others did not. Those of us who appreciated his views had little they wished to criticize. Those who didn't like his message, or perhaps him personally, couldn't wait to try to reduce him in every way.

That's life. I'm sure our Sheriff knew the risks he was taking before he had his letter to the President published. Personally, with the exception of the charisma factor, I think he's almost as good as Miller Sardella, the last real sheriff we had in Tuolumne County. Sardella also believed that armed law-abiding citizens made his job much easier. At least that's what he told me when he issued me a concealed weapons permit many years ago.

Guns. Gun control. Gun confiscation. The Second Amendment. Etc., etc. My father-in- law was one of those of the "Greatest Generation" who helped defeat the Nazis in Germany then went to help out in the War in the Pacific. He actually saw action, although rarely talked about it. Oddly, even after witnessing what gun confiscation did to the German people, he was for confiscating guns from the public in this country. Thankfully he rarely voted.

It's true. Guns are very dangerous. That's probably one of the reasons why there are very few home invasions. That's probably why our governmental leaders and other high-profile folks, some of whom wish to extract all firearms from us, the general public, either carry guns themselves or have "hired guns" to protect them. By the way, they'll still have their armed protection even after they get our firearms. Why? A couple of reasons (1) Criminals will still have firearms, and (2) a gun is a pretty good response to a knife (or club, or ?).

Ray Bailey