Union Democrat staff

God's presence is diminishing

To the Editor:

There is a widespread effort in our nation to deny God and to take Him out every aspect of our lives. This effort, of course, minimizes Godly principles such as kindness, gentleness, unselfishness, goodness, parental responsibility, etc. Does God really exist? Consider the following.

Our universe operates in accordance with exact scientific laws. The precision of the universe allows scientists to launch rockets to the moon, and astronomers to predict solar-lunar eclipses years in advance.

The Sun is a giant nuclear engine producing intense radiation and heat. The earth is located exactly the correct distance from the sun, 93 million miles, to sustain life on Earth.

The Earth is poised 240,000 miles from the moon. The moon helps control the ocean tides. If the moon were moved closer to the earth by one-fifth the tides would reach an estimated 35 to 50 feet, flooding much of the earth.

The earth is tilted on its axis by 23.5 degrees. If it were not tilted it its orbit around the sun there would be so seasons.

Our atmosphere (78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, plus water vapor and other gases) contains the proper balance essential to life on Earth.

Consider the intricacy of the human body, the brain, the blood system and the nerve system.

Does the foregoing information indicate "Big Bang" creation or design and creation by a supremely intelligent creator? That creator is God.

Our Declaration of Independence, congressional sessions, and all presidential inaugural addresses have all acknowledged God.

Let's teach our children about God and His will for us. Or do we want our children to believe that they are simply "graduate beasts," descendants of apes? And let's promote Godly principles in our daily lives. Better homes make better communities.

Gene Henry


Standing behind Sheriff Mele

To the Editor:

For the record, I was very happy to see that we have a Sheriff that still holds this country's constitution as the law of the land as our founding fathers laid out for us. I just wanted to let the Sheriff know that all my friends and I, in Tuolumne County, are behind him 100 percent and want to thank him for taking a stand for our rights.

M.H. Buster Moore


Liberals better at keeping economy up

To the editor:

Since the economy, the deficit, etc. is so much at the fore these days (notwithstanding "gun control"), a little discussed study concerning the relative economic effectiveness of presidential administrations since 1929 might be of interest. In the years from 1929 through 2009, curiously enough, each major political party has controlled the executive branch of the federal government for exactly half of the period (40 years). Two "moderate" individuals, Bob Deitrick (a financial planning professional) and Lew Goldfarb (a CPA/business lawyer) got curious and undertook a statistical study concerning the economic effectiveness of the presidents from Hoover through Bush II. Their results were surprising to them, or so they say in their preface, and interestingly set forth in their book Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box: How the Performance of Our Presidents Has Impacted Your Wallet.

Brevity dictates that I only relate the three major "pillars" upon which the authors based their "rankings": 1. U.S. Financial Health Pillar, 2. Personal Wealth Pillar, 3. Business Prosperity Pillar. Each of these has several subordinating categories - you might read the book, if you are at all interested. From the data that these "number crunchers" amassed, the "economic policy " rankings of the eleven presidents, for which they have adequate data, has been evaluated, thus: numero uno JFK/LBJ, 2. (tie) Clinton and FDR, 4. Ike, 5. Truman, 6. Reagan, 7. H.W. Bush, 8. Carter, 9. Nixon/Ford, 10. W. Bush, 11. Hoover.

So much for the myth of Republican dominance in the economic field, m'thinks.

David A. Fristad


The Constitution reigns supreme

To the Editor:

Sheriff Mele is an elected official sworn to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the state of California. The oath he takes is no different that the oath taken by a soldier, a public employee, a judge, and all elected officials including the President of the United States. When the oath was written it was deliberately worded so that it is an oath to the rule of law, the Constitution, and not to the President. The United States is unique in this regard because our public officials pledge our allegiance to the founding documents which represent the rule of law. When Sheriff Mele says he will not confiscate guns from law abiding citizens he is following his oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States under the Second Amendment. The Supremacy clause does not apply if the Sheriff believes the federal or state law he is being told to obey is in conflict with the Constitution. Sheriff Mele is simply saying that should such a law be passed or executive order given he would consider it unconstitutional. Just because the President has the right to issue executive orders does not mean he or she can issue an order that violates the Constitution. If such were the case then we would have a dictatorship rather than a constitutional republic. A working system of checks and balances so carefully woven into our Constitution by the founders is the only thing that ensures our liberty from the constant threat of tyranny. We need to all appreciate and thank Sheriff Mele for his principled stand in defense of the constitution under the harsh light of those whose ignorance wrongfully condemn him.

David Titchenal