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A salute in support of Sheriff Mele

To the Editor:

I like old west, World War II and Korean War era guns. I like blued metal, wood and ivory grips. But I understand the interest in AR automatic rifles style rifles, it's what my son became familiar with as a Marine. The civilian version is not an assault rifle and is not fully automatic, it is an auto loader called semi-automatic. It's the new high tech, just like the so-called smart phones that people can't seem to live without. Most anti-gun people, including politicians, cannot correctly describe an assault weapon. Also many anti-gun people are not familiar with guns, do not understand them and therefor are just afraid of the unknown.

History has shown governments taking away guns from citizens to enable their agenda, or how Japan hesitated to invade the U.S. because of armed civilians who could be rallied as a militia to defend our country. It's sad how people forget history. Other governments have taken away guns from their citizens so now only criminals have guns. Gun laws do not stop criminals, they ignore them, that's what makes them criminals, they just get an increased black market to deal in.

It's not the guns, it's the people. We have several generations where morals and respect have declined. We have young people desensitized to violence because of video games, movies and music, where the consequences are not realized. Background checks are needed to weed out undesirable and unstable people from purchasing guns, but it is not a permanent record of those who have been cleared.

I salute Sheriff Mele in his support of the Second Amendment. He has my vote! We have anti-gun radicals that are stepping up to take advantage of recent tragedies and anyone who thinks that they will stop after banning "assault weapons" is naive. They want all the guns.

Ed Ellefsen


Sheriff Mele gets my vote

To the Editor:

I fully support and admire Sheriff Mele for his understanding and loyalty to his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Sheriff Mele and thousands of other senior law enforcement officers have indicated that it is their duty to uphold the rights of law abiding citizens protected by our Constitution. They are in no way obligated to enforce a bad law.

A precedent has already been set by our president. He decided not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in courts and not to enforce certain aspects of federal immigration law and policy. If the president can order the senior law enforcement officer of our land, the Attorney General, not enforce certain laws, why should local law enforcement be expected to enforce laws that trample on the rights of Americans?

Nowhere in the Constitution is the Congress or the executive branch given the power to decide what kind or how many firearms a citizen can own. Nor is Congress granted the power to limit the number of rounds a magazine can hold. Sheriff Mele and all true Americans understand this. He gets my vote.

J.B. Dugan


Pay the Sheriff some respect

To the Editor:

Ms. Cereban: Arrogance does not become you. Your attack on Sheriff Mele sounds disturbingly like President Obama's statement that we country folks "cling to guns or religion" out of fear and desperation. No allowance for protecting our Constitutional rights.

As for Mr. Fueslein's letter demanding the Sheriff enforce the laws or "step down," I would like to know if you excoriated San Francisco's officials when they stated they would not enforce federal laws on immigration or California's law on same-sex marriage if it were to be upheld. I would guess not.

And, finally, in regard to Mr. Mellana's statement that Republicans don't show enough respect, you must not have watched President Obama's recent inauguration where Speaker Boehner did everything but kiss the President's feet.

Actually, "folks," you might start with a little respect for our Sheriff. At least he has the guts to stand up for his principles. And those of you who do support the sheriff (and I know there are a lot of you out there), suck it up and write a letter. I realize that we have to work all day to support these whiners, but we should all be getting sick enough of this baloney to speak out."

I hope I responded with proper grammar and spelling. But then, what do you expect from a "hick?"

David Peters


Sheriff Mele is protecting our rights

To the Editor:

Sheriff Mele made a simple, direct and thoughtful response to the offensive diatribe of the White House, regarding gun control. Sheriffs are in charge of the law and order in America's communities.

He is the first line of defense for citizens. Police guard people within jurisdictions; the Sheriff's role is the protection of the basic unit of any state - the county. His deputies form the umbrella ministering to its inhabitants.

State and federal forces represent supplemental services to a county sheriff's responsibility to serve and protect within his county. In effect, he protects us from state and federal ideas ("laws") that impinge on our freedom under the U.S. Constitution.

Sheriff Mele rightly asserts what I taught in the public school system for 25 years: We own the rights affirmed to us under the First Amendment (religion, press, assembly, speech, redress of grievances) only because we have a Second Amendment to protect those freedoms.

If government, at any level beyond our county, impinges on the Second, it destroys the First. Only America possesses the First. We protect it with the Second.

Hitler, promising people safety, confiscated their firearms. He said the Homeland State Police (Geheimrat Stats Polizzi) would protect them: Ge-Sta-Po. Our national political system created the National Security Agency; it performs, as did the Gestapo, by removing all rights from citizens "for their safety."

Be thankful you have Sheriff Mele. He's the reason this letter is printed for public consumption - by free speech, in a free press, in a free country, under the Constitution.

You don't resign, Sheriff. Washington resigns.

Rudy Leeman


It's not the Wild West anymore

To the Editor:

In response to the open letter by Sheriff Mele: The wild west still rules, too bad so sad!

Willemina Baldridge

Twain Harte