Union Democrat staff

To Mele: Proofread your correspondence

To the Editor:

Sheriff Mele's letter to President Obama contained numerous grammatical and spelling errors.

Sheriff Mele, if you need help proofreading future correspondence, my fourth grade son would be glad to help you.

Genevieve Ceraban


To Mele: Enforce the law or step down

To the Editor:

In response to Sheriff Mele's opinion, on Thursday's front page, about the proposed gun control laws, I would like to state: Sheriff, if you aren't willing to enforce all of our country's laws, maybe you should step down! Who are you to decide which laws to enforce? The citizens who elected you also elected representatives to make laws to protect all of us. Should we all be at greater risk, just so a selfish minority can have guns designed for making war? The majority of rational people know that assault weapons are not needed for hunting, or target shooting, and certainly are not needed to defend yourself or your family.

Are you trying to take us back to the "bad old days" of the Wild West, where "the gun was the law?" Well, I think the vast majority of us don't want to live that way!

It appears that a few individuals are very paranoid, and think that we, the majority, want to take all guns away from everybody - not true. The proposed laws are intended just to restrict the sale of assault rifles, limit magazine capacity, and extend background checks to all gun sales, not take guns away from good people. In Australia they did take military style rifles away from people by using a buyback program. Maybe we need to do the same thing! There are too many excessively dangerous weapons in people's hands! How about the recent incident where one man shot another man, the police killed him, and several innocent bystanders were wounded by the police. Is that the kind of society you want?

By the way, what are the other federal laws that your office doesn't enforce?

Jerry Fueslein


Republicans should show some respect

To the Editor:

It appears to be the right time to round up a dozen Republicans to form a search party for ex-President George W. Bush and his Vice President Richard Cheney as both were distinguished by their absence from the recent GOP convention and from Washington, D.C., during the second inauguration of President Obama, to pay some form of respect for the occupant of the White House. Perhaps they can still be found speechifying on Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV and radio outlets, their favorite hangouts during their glory years.

Perhaps the search should begin at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he reportedly spend many days chopping brush, etc. and in Wyoming someplace where Cheney is probably armed with a shotgun seeking some kind of prey, but whoa, watch out guys!

Ray Mellana