Union Democrat staff

Bond measures, officials fooled us again

To the Editor:

J.W. Mullally's letter on Jan. 17, was right on! History repeats itself; which is the very reason I voted against Measure H. Don't get me wrong, I think athletic programs are important, but not so important that they take precedence over educational and building maintenance issues. Time after time we have been told about the great need for money for our schools only to find out that those dollars are going to be spent on something entirely different from what was promised. Incidentally, those steep bleachers at Summerville have a positive aspect in that those of us who sit higher up are closer to the field than we would be otherwise - leave them alone!

This is the same tactic our legislators use when they want to raise taxes. They scare us by telling us we'll have to live with reduced police and fire protection, ambulance service and money for education if we don't raise taxes. Yet, in spite of the fact that our state and nation are in a fiscal crisis, they can find a billion dollars to spend on a nonsensical high speed rail system from Merced to Fresno! If they used those dollars for necessary services, they could give us a tax cut instead of an increase.

It is unfortunate that we can't rely on our elected representatives to be straightforward with us.

Rich Schwarzmann

Twain Harte

The U.S. is both a republic and a democracy

To the Editor:

In David Wynne's letter printed on Jan. 23 he stated that "America's Constitution established a free republic (not a democracy)." I must disagree to the part about a democracy.

A democracy is a government of the people. In America, the free election of representatives by the people wherein the majority rules. Lincoln said it best at Gettysburg "that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."

While we are a republic, we are also a democracy, and wonderfully so!

Mahlon Conly

Twain Harte