Union Democrat staff

Lack of morality is the real problem

To the Editor:

Due to the latest unfathomable and continuing gun violence, I have seen and heard tons of perspectives as to causes and cures to a pervasive and eluding pathology. Most, if not all, deal with laws and endless research. I can't help but think: that which we believe determines how we act. Just as man's basic system of law was originally patterned after the Ten Commandments; so much more, man's behavior would be much less violent and turbulent if he would just adopt and adapt to the same set of realistic moral laws. It seems that as our moral and ethical values have become much more liberal and lax; the moral and ethical teachings, and thereby actions, have resulted in a much less tolerable outcome. It has taken many decades to get where we are as a society, today. There can be no quick fixes to the state we find ourselves in at this point.

Stricter gun laws will not prevent killings of innocent lives! It is the responsibility of every individual to control their own conduct. Unfortunately, there are millions of people in this country that are just one thought, one drug, one drink, one more personal disaster away from committing another Newtown! And, no law will prevent it from happening. I agree with reasonable legislature; although, without moral and ethical respect for such legislature…how is such detestable behavior eliminated?

Wally George


Tuolumne County is not a metropolis

To the Editor:

This letter is in response and support of K.P. Segerstrom's letter of Jan. 14.

In spite of D. Torchia's unrealistic dreams and ideas we must come to the conclusion that Tuolumne County, and Sonora in particular, are not in the class of a high-flying metropolis, even though Caltrans has its owns illusion with soaring overpasses and expensive inadequate bypasses.

"Kudos" to Kate who pointed out the mute testimony that those "working" trucks of Blue Mountain and the others (logging, etc.) show an involvement by locals in the local economy.

Jim Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Bond measures aren't blank checks

To the Editor:

School bond measures are decided by a general vote and funded with property taxes. When carried, bond measures present a selected board with a multi-million dollar blank check.

The miraculously passed Summerville Measure H bond will pay for newly prioritized improvements to athletic facilities - that should raise SAT scores! Black Oak and Pinecrest schools closed, bond approved, Dr. Keiter is moving on.

Sonora High Measure J money will go towards a larger cafeteria for its shrinking student population, plus electrical and plumbing upgrades sure to cost hundreds of thousands. We do need better schools, because we are slow learners.

Mary Tune

Twain Harte