Union Democrat staff

Blame gun violence on the government

To the Editor:

Who is to blame for gun violence? For all I can tell you who is to blame, it is the government.

As a Korean War veteran with 33 years in the military services. The government wanted better war weapons, in World War II and Korea we had the M-I Rifle with an 8-round clip. Then came the M-14 Rifle with a 20-round clip. But the government wanted better and faster fire power so for the Vietnam War came the M-16 Rifle with 30-round clips. Now all these war rifles were outdated, for the military no longer needed them, they were sold to gun dealers who in return sold them to the general public.

So with all the gun regulations and gun laws we have now Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is telling Mr. Obama and the Congress that we must act now on gun control regulations. We do not need more government regulations to infringe our Constitutional rights. I worked 8 years for the California Dept. of Corrections. The inmates will tell you that they just love it, that the government wants more gun laws and regulations so to make it harder for citizens to purchase guns and rifles. So with all this paperwork, the inmates just take any gun or rifle they find with no paperwork. They could care less about gun control laws.

The government should just enforce the gun laws they have on the books now. But it is ok to make more gun laws. Inmates will get guns anytime they find on.

Jean Baudizzon Jr.


Time passes and slang changes

To the Editor:

On Jan. 10 Sydney Taylor, of Sonora, wrote to The Union Democrat regarding "catchphrases," 10 of which were listed. The writer said these should be abandoned. In fact they were not individual words, they were phrases. I am pleased Sydney cares.

If my granddaughter visits and her communication puzzles me (she is a student in college in San Francisco) I will question her about "buzzwords."

In the Roaring '20s "hot dog," "the cat's pajamas," or "the cat's whiskers" were complimentary words.

Betty Ries